Next Campagne?

Has there been any talk of a New Campagne, France 1940 maybe?



what about something with Japan?

The problem is, the french/british/belgian gear would be awesome but still the same K98, the same MP40, the same Pz 3, the same Me109, and so on and so on…

France would be really cool, I want to blitz through their golden fields.
For a pacific battle campaign, Iwo Jima sounds awesome.

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Bruh I want more maps and squads for Stalingrad :frowning: Very small campaign with so much potential to capture RO2 nostalgia and more. Also, Fedorov needs to be in Stalingrad if it is in Berlin, to be sure!

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I can’t wait for new Stalingrad maps. Maybe a river crossing naval invasion, industrial district, Pavlov’s house, grain elevator, tank factory, and so on. I really think it will be my favorite campaign.

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My guess is that the next campaign will be one in the pacific.

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At first, I didn’t think it would end up being my favorite because of the initial lack of content. But after more time and maxxing out the Soviets, I think it very well could be once they implement the iconic maps and perhaps minor nations having squads to play as. I love the verticality of the high rises and the unique interiors as well, very fun sniping. So yeah, I agree :)! But also @1942786 , please do winter maps for Stalingrad.

As for next campaign, it will prob be Pacific if I had to guess? I would like a nod to the Manchurian campaign of 1945 at some point but it will most likely be an iconic USMC battle.


Yeah, the verticality is really cool. It’s a reason I like Berlin so much, there are so many cool places you can get to and it makes for some nice guerrilla warfare. I’d also like to see winter conditions in Stalingrad. Also, more basements, attics, and close quarters, house to house combat would be great to see. Maybe some suburbs and areas around Stalingrad, too. I could go on forever about things I’d like to see.

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Something Burma with all the different factions that fought there all the different kit would be fun, and exotic

The Chinese had some Russian tanks there, and a verity of different weapons, and you have the British/Commonwealth, and some Americans, and the Japanese

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house to house and room to room combat in Stalingrad would make this game sooo much better. I would love it


Pacific is most likely, my bet is either Okinawa, Burma or the Philippines, all of which taking place in 1945 which would allow the devs to BS their way into adding stuff like the Type 4 Rifle and Chi Nu to balance stuff like the Garand and Sherman. Anything before 1944 involving the Americans would be almost impossible to balance even with the loose historical standards the devs set for themselves, although a Campaign like the Kokoda trail which was mostly fought by Commonwealth forces may work, although one has to wonder if they have enough content for 40 levels. China is a political landmine so it is best not to go there unless the devs want to spend the time to create a the two versions nessacary to access all markets. Manchuria would be like adding the Warsaw uprising, impossible to balance and thus should not be added. Iwo Jima could work, but the only real landmark there is the Airfield, and I don’t know if you can get enough maps out of just that island to warrant a campaign.Thus, those three are probably the best bet.

Bob Semple premium when?

Anything after 42/43 would be really hard to balance, this largely do the tanks, early war Japanese tanks can be competitive with their allied counterparts. Burman in 42 would be a good match up, the Chinese sent some Russian light tanks they had, and the British had some Stuarts to face off against the Japanese tanks.

The Japanese had Oscars and other IJA Army Aircraft, Burma was not a “Navy” front so no Zero’s, and again you have very competitive Japanese Planes pitied against reasonably competitive Allied types. H 81’s flown by the Mercenary AVG, and Hurricanes, Hawk’s, and Blenheim’s.

Adding Chinese forces could be Optional of course for Burma, but so many different Allied Factions fought there it is ripe with possibility.

Japanese tanks are impossible to balance regardless of year if you want to be completely realistic. The Chi Ha Kai, the closest approximation to the Stuart, and the one Japanese tank capable of killing just the Valentine, which was in Burma in '42, only entered service in late 1942, which was about the same time as the Sherman entered service. Thus, we need to find the closest approximation to the Sherman, which would be the Type 3 Chi Nu. The devs can add that and the Type 4 rifle for balance purposes using the same precedent they used to add the Jumbo, the T-50 and the MkB 42 if they do a campaign in 44/45 .

it would be kinda cringe

maybe we should jsut refine what we have
more game modes
rain/night/snow storm maps
better leveling system
better custom games

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But you do know, that it’s an arcade game, so that technically any japanese tank could do the same damage as the tiger tank? Technically

its not a arcade game its some where in the middle

We need fixes and upgrades
More Modes
Night Matches
Stalingrad now use 10% of his Potential, same with all other Campaigns.
Its not possible to switch Scopes on Rifles
Nearly 0 Italian Stuff in a Italian Campaign
No Passwords for Custom Matches
Customizing on Soldiers and Real Historical Uniforms
Customizing now is the poorest Customizing in all Games ive ever played.
Reload Animation Bugs

Reach at least 1000Hours inGame or spent 150 Euro inGame
Before you open your Mouth

Game is a Vivtim of F2P