Newest MG45 premium squad worth it?

Hey guys, so is it worth it? Since it’s new, and no one has did a review yet, I want to know, thx in advance!


1500 rpm with a 50 round drum when the default MG-42 already had accuracy and ammo issues

Don’t waste your money

Hmm so it’s bad? I rly like the drip and gun though, and I’m getting it for fun and collection, so is it worth it if I’m getting it for fun and collection, not grinding?

That’s funny I was about to start a topic about this.

For the MG45, I tested it just now in practice mode and I would say don’t buy it. at 1500 rpm, even if you had a 100 round belt, you would burn through that in just 3 seconds. Making suppressing fire impossible. IRL it might do the trick, but ingame it does not. It’s mind blowing. From a gameplay standpoint it’s very impractical when you compare it with the belt fed DP (The Russian counterpart of the premium pack). At only 550 RPM, and a 100 round belt, it’s both practical, sustainable, and reliable. IMHO, Germany got the short stick on this one.

Short version: I would say don’t buy it. It’s just impractical.

EDIT: If you still want to buy something for Battle of Berlin, I would say get the STG-45M squad pack. Especially since you also get the Russian AS-44 squad. I’m thinking of buying that pack when it goes on sale.

Hmm okay, what do you think of the Kiraly 43M squad? Cause I like that one too

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Also, what if you don’t do suppressive fire, but use it to semi auto enemies and mow them down if their coming towards a objective?

Your better off with the Mg-34 Patronentrommel or just the MG-34 default as both are more accurate

What’s the MG-34 Patronentrommel? Is it a premium? Which campaign?

it’s the end tier Axis LMG in Normandy and Berlin, a MG-34 with a 75 round drum

Oh ok thx for replying

It’s impracrical as @2330670 said and additionally it just “looks” bad.
It has stupid looking reload (that you will have to watch very often) and it’s sound is the same as MG42.

Hmm okay, what about other premiums as I want a premium, My budget is 49.99 usd, so I cant get the STG and AS pack.

I have the Kiraly 43M squad on Normandy and I like it a lot. Especially since it belongs to a Fallschirmjäger squad.

No is an mg42 with 50 more ammo

The premium DP that’s basically a prototype RP-46 is much more worth with the 100 round belts.

Aight guys, I listene to ur advice and instead got the Kiraly 43M squad, been loving it so far, thanks for advising me!


Sweet! I’m glad it worked out.