New weapons system should I upgrade or stock spare parts?

I keep seeing people saying that 10 scrap = 1 bronze order but I can’t confirm this however if this is the case is it better to scrap my weapons and horde the scrap?

Disassemble default rifles, do nothing with the rest


Do not scrap it is wasteing, unless it is 0 star gun.

Will default rifle parts give bronze orders?

the starting rifles will give nothing after the update

technicaly yes, they still are non refoundable spare parts.

what a scam

so should i also swap out any 0 star rifles my reserve have with better ones and scrap the zeros?

Ok so this means i have to upgrade as many starter rifles as my 1800 parts can afford. Kriegsmodell gang

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no it’s better to scrap and hold the scrap as the base cost of upgrading is 30 i think which means you’d be trading 30 scrap which equals 3 bronze for for a star 1 rifle which gives 1 bronze

Wont starter rifle parts not be exchanged?

wasnt specified, at least i didnt notice it

Keofox advices to disassemble all 0 star weapons (starter rifles).

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Do not scrap scrap rifles if you’re using them right now (example K98s in Normandy)