New squad class: Medic

Sounds cool,but please dont introduce unrealistic (AoE) area of effect “Healing circles” only medic bags and other realistic means of healing/patching up



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well if it is stalingrad that sux
grinding tghroo all the same guns( 3rd time) to just unlock one new squad.

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The thing is…
Currently Bots/AI never able to heal themselves even if they are too low (<35%) and have medkit.
So that’s why this perk has unprecedented powerfulness by significantly increase AI survivability.

But for human, we will heal ourselves when: out of combat, low health, has medkit.

Please let AI also can benefit from Medic role!
Majority of soldiers are AI… So, majority of soldiers are in low health are also AI!
How are you going to deal with it?


I mean lone wolf but you dont control a single soldier but a squad

Squads that have a maximum of 7 members active in combat, could they increase to 8 but with the condition that the eighth member is a doctor?

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I have think of this class will come out one day.
Never think of coming so quick…

Also, this role can has some negative impact to game. The game I am also looking at '83 tested it and find this role is often useless or not providing good game experience.

Most players almost never communicate to each other… Remember Battlefields? Medic is being selfish?
And this game dont allow players without medkit can be in downstate and waiting for medic like BF!

Would probably see the same fate as Lone Wolf, not enough players to have sustain a MM so it gets moved to Customs

A lot of people would like a more realistic hardcore gamemode

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All sounds nice except one thing.


Are the SMGs really necessary?
Medic class definetely shouldn’t be the one carrying them.
That should stay as Assaulters domain. They are supposed to clear the points, fight in close quarters etc.
Medics on the other hand should rather stay in the back and provide support for their team. But I can assure you that this will not happen most of the times. Most players will just drop the First Aid kit somewhere for passive xp and then go rampaging around with some PPSH.

If there is still a chance for that then please reconsider. We seriously don’t need even more automatics on the battlefield.


Its already in costum, select hardcore with squad in a costum match creation

Thats what they said about Lone Wolf, and by the end people complained it was full of bots

I have a feeling its going to be mainly copy and paste from moscow :frowning:


Well, sounds like its a non issue then

Well it’s either done to confuse us to make the announcement ofthe next campaign an even bigger surprise while teasing the potential addition of medics in existing ones, or the fact that we exclusively see here German and Soviet soldiers with at least for the German a MP28 (so early war) clearly hints as the next campaign being Stalingrad.

the bad thing about that game mode was that by having small maps, when someone used a plane he ended up killing both enemies and allies, which obviously bothered his allies a lot and ended up happening two things, his allies left the game or he was expelled by friendly fire.

Yes the only issue are player to lazy for use the costum setting and to low number of players in costum

There were larger issues with Lone Wolf, most noticeably lack of players

if there were players, another thing that they were so noobs that you confused them with a bot

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Yep, they say “plenty of players want hardcore” and yet when it had an MM it was mostly bots in games and then now that its only in Customs is practically non existent, but apparently if they added it back with an MM a couple hundred people would climb out of the woodwork to play it

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