New skin for Crusader looks very similar to what we have now

Vehicle above is from twitch event while tank beneath will be added in new battle pass

Well, there are some small differences but it looks very similar

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Has some similarity, but when i looked through panther skins by coincidence, most look alike just camouflage Colours arranged different.

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They moved the triangle a little; it’s clearly in no way similar. /s


Well yes, they’re the same tank, of course they’ll be similar. They are plenty different though tbh because of the different camo + triangle placement

Similar =/= the same.

So, I think that’s a good thing.

It’s so different that there’s Brits helmets on the turret at the exact same spot.

Must have been standard procedure to hang helmets in this particular fashion, because they’re obviously different… :laughing:

Absolutely no sence to spend a gold orden in it if, player already have the free twitch drop one


If players don’t have the twitch one however, I highly recommend. The general shape of it looks a lot like the starter Brit tank… And so, enemy often mistake the Crusader for one and underestimate it… shooting cocky tankers with it is a joy. Was my workhorse tank for a while till the Sherman came along :slight_smile:


Exactly, I love the crusader over the giant fat Lee

Oh yeah. For sure didn’t consider the fact that new players or ones that miss said twitch drops want a skin too.

Agreed. Ty for pointing it out.

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