New Replay Functionality

Meet the first update diary for our upcoming major update, commanders! We’re preparing a new combat zone, equipment supplies, an expanded arsenal, plus something big that we’ll be keeping a secret for now. So, we’ll start the story with a tool to capture all of these things for yourself so you can show your friends. Hit “Record!”


In the major update, you’ll be able to create quality screenshots and even record video using the built-in replay tool.

But it’s not just screen captures. In the cinematic menu, you’ll be able to create a screenshot or record a video at a higher resolution than what’s set in your client’s settings. For example, you will be able to take a 10k screenshot or record a 4k video while playing in FullHD!

NOTE: 10k screenshot size (by click) is 80 mb

NOTE: 10k screenshot size (by click) is 80 mb

We’ve worked hard on upgrading our replay services so that you don’t need any extra software to make impressive screenshots and videos. The Enlisted client can do it even better!

We’ve also kept working on improving the already existing features as well. In the major update you’ll find fixes for a lot of replay bugs and a smoother camera mode, making fly-throughs and similar actions much more stable.


Cool but when can we replay custom games?


Let’s first make sure that people can actually get into / even play the game in order to record stuff …



Does Santa know about little Timmy’s wish for a new Stalingrad map ;)?


very good indeed.

but i hope we’ll be able to record in custom matches as well :confused: ( and have an ability to rewind back… )

as it’s mostly useful for content creators without in some occasions getting shot, or be able to have more controlls over many aspects because of the editor as well.

but thanks.

can’t wait for the things mentioned above:


time to beguin atracting new players to this great game.

by making amazing game records. of my own

Great work DEV.s


Will old replay files work?

Nice! Really looking forward to the expanded arsenal! Hopefully this would add more new guns to different levels, avoid simplicity!

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되감기좀 달라고 댓좀달아주라

Really glad to see those improvements!

Btw will there be a “Rewind” Option added? I remember that at past said there would be a Rewind function…


I’m sorry to be a spoil-sport but all of this is useless when we still can’t watch replays of custom matches and there is no rewind function. There is no way in hell I’m gonna spend 2 hours re-watching the same replay to get an angle of a shot just right.

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Traktor factory, Traktor factory, Traktor factoryyyy!!!


Yes, a fitting Christmas gift!
I’m very glad it’s finally (almost) there. Been waiting a while for that iconic Stalingrad map.

(Please allow Christmas tree buildings)


The replay feature looks so cool, I wish I could enjoy it on console too.

Is it a possibility to see consoles get replays and custom game lobbies at some point?

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It be nice to have an update with this to limit SFs and ARs in stalingrad. Or even better everywhere

Kinda loose the iconic feeling of these maps when both teams only have automatics that barely saw production and combat at the time



Berlin released over a year ago and we still dont have the most iconic battle for the reichstag


YAAAASSSS King! they were building T-34’s there right? I think they should have useable turrets or a tank for both sides to capture, something fun like that hehe.

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Great, does this apply to console too?

Also forum isn’t working on ps5, says browser out of date FYI :wink:


Yeah, what about consoles.


Indeed! The valiant workers were still producing t34 tanks… as the battle raged on outside the very walls.

Last time I looked (don’t ask how), the map was very well nearing completion. Finally getting the factory!

Looked huge.


Would love a squad of STZ Factory workers too, something like the Volksstrum squad from Berlin, but Stalingrad citizenry instead :). It is well documented mixed squads of civilians and veterans alike defended their ground with partially made tanks and Mosins !


That’s cool. I have saved a few good replays worth the record.

I wish tho, I had an option to record my gameplay, and. My gameplay only, so I don’t need to open tab, follow soldier everytime I die.

That, and rewind, would be golden.

Any change first camera aiming on sights is corrected now? Most guns on replay the soldier aims lower than in-game…

At any rate. Keep news coming… Nice work so far.