New Premium Unit/ Squad - Anti-Tank Dogs/ Dogs of War

This is possible to make.

CoD World at War game already used dogs more than 10+ years ago in the game and on the multiplayer game as well. (This is different, bare with me)

These units were used by the Soviet army before and during the WWII, it was a cruel however effective system where a dog would have an anti-tank explosives placed on its back.

The dog was purposefully taught to run under a designated tank by the controllers orders (The dogs were taught that there is FOOD under the tank) and when the real situation was upon the dog and its handler, the dog ran and the detonator stick on the dogs back was pushed down once the dog crawled under the tank…

  • KABOOM, no more dog/Tank.

Here are some illustrations and more information as a historical curiosity.

Americans tried to use something similar for the bunkers, however the dogs with the live bomb returned to their masters and the program was discontinued due to obvious reasons.

How would this work in the game?

  • In a similar manner as in the CoD World at War.

A dog handling squad could have 2-3 dogs, depending on the crew amount. One of the handlers sees an enemy tank on the battlefield, designates a dog for it and off to the races it is… The dog runs under the tank and takes it out, no matter how big tank.

There is an opportunity for the tank gunner or someone else in the battlefield to shoot the fast approaching dog, however they have to be quick and effective to stop it. (Shooting a dog in a situation like this should generate some very high XP for example 200, it is not the easiest target.

Here is a real picture from the training:


Here is one of the dogs in a museum:

Option 2. - Dogs of War.

There are many ways to go with these dogs, if attack dogs would be brought to the game as just a fighting tool against infantry, ALL sides could have a dog squad/ Military Police unit that uses the dogs? Including the soon coming Japanese. (Hopeful :-))

If only Soviet Union gets to have this curiosity against Tanks, it could be a very expensive and RARE PREMIUM ONLY expensive Anti-Tank Squad.

-I leave that part for the developers/ Business managers at the Enlisted to figure out which way to go.

Personally I would not mind having attack dogs for every side because all of the sides used them and they are so effective that they are still used in the military today. When I was serving in the military I saw these things being trained, they are not the average couch “pooches” but something very sinister and DEADLY as f…ck directly from a horror movie.

I mean MILITARY DOGS not the Police ones.

Please, share your opinions/ suggestions below and give some feedback.

  • What do you think?
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PETA does strongly disagree with your idea. :smiley:


I did some reading further and read more about animals being used in warfare.

  • I do not know if it is just me, however I laughed in tears once I read that some nation had considered using a WHALE as a suicide bomber and apparently usage of exploding donkeys and monkeys has been already used.

One of the suicide fighter donkey masters preferred a donkey because it could carry much more explosives and it was easier to hide them on a donkey?

I mean… Humanity is twisted and warfare is a clear indication of it.

“Come on nice whale, find the enemy submarine… Go on, you can do this there is plenty of fish inside”

Or the French revenge.

  • “Release the frogs s’il vous plaît”

There have even been FROGS used for this purpose?

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Hmm maybe we could get an option to use bats or birds to distract enemy soldiers?
Come on man enlisted needs better features and changes

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whale? i only heard about dolphins…

btw i dont trust DF to implement 4 leg walking for dogs… i guess it will be wheel based dogs :rofl:

AT-dogs were only put into service by the soviets and just for a very short amount of time.
These dogs were trained to crouch under tanks, which ignites an explosive devise. SOVIET tanks.
Problem: When put into frontline service, these dogs have done exactly, what they were used to by training: To crouch under SOVIET tanks, destroying them successfully.

I suppose your teammates would dislike the usage of this friendly-fire-only-squad. :smiley:

Is TNT too useful or what?

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Well, personally I think that the more there are different ways of achieving the same goal on the battlefield the more skills and other factors come into play and the more interesting the game is/ becomes?

Sure, TNT works out occasionally and on some other situations some other system or a method for taking out a tank is preferred.

One thing at a time, there more there is depth in this game, the longer people play it and the more players it will have.

— > More players means more financial and other resources for the game development and more fun for everyone!

Besides, second world war was HUGE and all sorts of methods were in use to take out tanks, desperation was a good motivator.

None of the sides had a “Good ending” to the story if they would lose their war completely.

Besides, this was meant as a “curiosity” and a “rare” squad that you could occasionally bump into in some battle… Imagine seeing a dog running under a tank and KABOOM?

Of course there are “Goliath’s” on the German side at some point too and other rare weapons for the ones who are willing to get them, I hope?


You would willingly shoot dogs.


I don’t think this will ever happen chief.

Cod’s days are way long passed my friend.

Well. Only the Soviets deployed them… and when I play the Soviets with a tank, I don’t wanna get team-killed.
And I bet that before they are even able to reach my tank, they already died by sniper (AI) or bombs or artillery.
And I don’t get it why you refer to CoD, where the dogs had no AT capabilities but solely attacked infantry units. And irl is mostly wrong as well, as dogs were not primary used in massive attacks. The Soviet experiment with AT dogs didn’t last long, more or less ended after 1941.

And the time spent to create a decent dog AI could be used to improve the soldier AI.

What means more depth or interesting? Most players here play for efficiency. The dogs were inefficient irl and in the game, they are going to get insta killed before reaching any (Soviet) tank.

Which doesnt mean we have to include all of them.

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