New paths in Invasion

One of the most loved game modes - Invasion - is becoming even more interesting and diverse in the upcoming update. Come and get used to new tactics and paths in alternative versions of already known missions.

This string of strategic points in the Monastery (Invasion) mission - are new versions of generating a unique attack path for every battle. You will see new places in the locations you thought you already knew!

Similar mechanics some of you could already mark on Normandy maps. Now we have prepared new paths for missions in other campaigns and will keep adding new paths for Invasion missions.

Apart from alternative paths we continue to develop new missions and even absolutely new forms of Secondary Objectives! Follow the news!


Interesting stuff :slightly_smiling_face:

wow, I love it!!!


Finally, major update coming?

hope that these new target areas won’t cause serious balance problems :neutral_face:


That seems super cool and was community suggestion thank you for taking our feedback!


For all our missions, we receive statistics in real time. If it gets distorted, we will improve the balance of each point.


Thanks for your feedback.



can we have the option now to select only invasion and assault maps ?

also, wasnt like this in early alpha days?
where we had 6 points per invasion and was always diferent on the midle of the map?

also, i would like to add:

Given said changes, is it possible for the defenders team to know the next point beforhand so they can start building defences around it / spawn points ? to avoid “rng” on the next defence and the defenders will never know what to defend next or prepare to defend next.
most of times when i m certain a point will fall (judging the lack of team inside that point or near) i start defending the next point. will i know what the next point will be? can the defenders know?.


I hope it too. I just quit the match when forced to play a conquest.


This is an absolutely top notch change … will make the game fresh and new again …

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hate conquest and hate being forced to play it


From open alpha

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ty russian friend!

i remember on russian maps the midle of it was always diferent, we had to atack 1 point, other or 2 at the same time. was really good.

ps : (since i cant talk russian, i understand a bit and i suport your cosmetics ideas on your thread)

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Looks good so far!

D-day beach map will have different paths too? it would be great


Ikr, imho every invasion (hells, even assault) could use some more variety in paths and objectives. Maps are already modeled for that.


It already has. Don’t you know?

There are some pre-alpha and alpha versions, but those are very rare to get. I think so far Vysokovo and D-day have those.

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