New MP 40 (meme)

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Dedicated to everyone who flies by Ju 188
Radio operator in Stalingrad
Do you think it’s funny, Butt-head?


0.2 damage oh my good what a nerf


I’m (surprisingly) glad. Didn’t make sense that mp38 and mp40 dealt different values.

Makes the mp35 viable again.

I prefer values per cartridge, not obscure random values.

I just checked… mp38 has 0.1 less damage than mp40. Just… why?


It still do 7.0 upgraded is always a more cheap alternative to even a stg


It’s a very good “all rounder”. Still use it in many campaigns just because I like It’s feel.

At least damage values are now constant compared to other firearms using same barrels and cartridges.

Still waiting for svt38 svt40 to have similar values, also still wondering why avs38 and avt40 do much more damage than semis… (double standards again?)


That is pretty significant

Well they did the opposite with russian rifles now

Why not buff all german SMGs to 6? Since they do struggle against soviet ones.

And why buff soviet ones? Its not like they were struggling

No, it need always 2 bullet for kill outside headshot, hardly claim it significant

I wrote:

The picture shows version with silencer. In this case, the damage drop by 0.4 is significant, do not forget that the top level players have the ability “+35% survivability”

The same time Sten Mk ||(s) did not change the damage value. There is no difference between the normal version and the version with silencer. It’s so “historical” and “realistic” and it doesn’t require a nerf

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