New Modding Feature - What are you planning to create?

Hello comrades!

What are your thoughts on the new mod feature? What do you expect? What are you planning to create?

I hope this will be included at the start:

  • Daytime
  • Weather
  • All maps
  • Option to add structures such as sandbags, ammo storages, anti tank guns etc.

What i hope will be added in the future:

  • Soldier appearance mods
  • Gun mods
  • Damage multipliers
  • Option to add custom sounds and voice lines
  • Option to adjust ammo and weapons

What are you planning to create? :slight_smile:

I would really like to focus on the moscow campaign, i would like to change the location so there are many new interesting spots to capture :wink:

Examples for new moscow locations:

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nothing, i dont have time.

i hope this id not just a spawn point/capture point editor, and you can actually modify and change the maps.

if not i think the editor its pretty meh

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Some new gamemodes I already have plans for.


i am going to create mostly on berlin, stalingrad, and some uncovered parts in moscow as well.

so far, possibilities are endless:

( this is moscow as entirety )

will have to see the possibilites and how much time i will have to dedicate though…


The first map is Siberia from Cuisine Royale. Mostly same assets as our Moscow, but a different game nonetheless.

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we do fight in this map.

can’t remeber the name, but in the upper middle. towards the lake.

plus, there’s also the manor village as well.
( but cutted cuz i’m currently working on those maps for other stuff )

Well, I’m 100% sure that’s CR map (why would Enlisted need a volcano?)

The only location that I can’t locate on the folder maps yet is the newest “settlement”. Similar place was on this Siberia map (uper right corner to be exact), but it’s definetely not the same place that we have in Enlisted.

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Nope we don’t. Only 2nd and 3rd.

First one is 100% the one from CR.

This is not Moscow, this is the island of Cuisine Royale in Siberia :blush:

actually same game, but different mode :sweat_smile:

I ill spare Alot. Of time making a normandy map i trully love
It will take Alot of time to do but if I have the tools I m wishing for, will be a map worth to play.


@9331497 @41565865 i mean. It’s in the game files.

Why leave it there.

But, if it will also be present ( and not removed. Cuz I managed to extract this map during the train invasion update ) I think we’ll have more Moscow themed map.

Which I suppose more content for map editors.

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CS:GO defusal maps

There are manyyy things in the game files that are leftovers, if you remove all the useless/outdated files from cuisine royale and other files you can easily remove over half of the files

Cuz CR is being made out of assets of this game. Maybe they just forgot to delete it.

Anyone have this kind of overall map for Stalingrad?

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tried to unpack them,

but no luck.

the vrmp. unpacker cannot open those maps.

neither on berlin.

maybe when we’ll be able to get acess to the editor, we’ll be able to get them from there.

Thanks for trying.
With Berlin, I managed to find some exported images here and there on the forums and with a bit of scaling put them all together:

But I haven’t found anything similar with Stalingrad.


i did managed to get these:

( and a couple more )


Enter custom game on stalingrad. Press M, press ALT, move mouse wheel down. Zooms out the map

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