New Mission: River Crossing

Great, but I’m still more looking forward to new features, new features of the editor :grin:

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This was something of a let down, I thought by river crossing they had intended to include Assault Boats and or Schwimenwagens’ or DUKW’s or LVT’s.

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The BP has nothing to do with the major update. Means, it is possible we can see the major update next week.

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usually they put major update with new BP…

Could be, probably wont be.

Most of the content wasnt yet revealed.

Aka levels, maps, and so on. Probably more pacific stuff to be revealed.

But yes, it is possible for it to come earlier, but doubtful

Will the update make the placement of vehicles, sandbags, and debris look more natural and match the map situation?


This reminds me of Demyansk Salient from Red Orchestra 2. Bots do get stuck at obstacles on the river as seen in Maisky so they better fix this too or remove the obstructions at the deep parts of the river instead.

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Yeah but in the recent stream Mike said the devs uncoupled the Battlepass season and the release of major updates, as they’d never know when and if a major delay could strike which’d ruin the plan, so it’d be easier just to separate them.

…which incidentally means the time for new BP devblogs should be approaching.

I understand.
But the funny numbers on tank sights are useless in the game. You can’t set and adjust the distance. But that’s what the numbers in the German tank sights are there for.
Having them on 0 meters is nonsensical…

I made a whole suggestion thread about it with official ww2 sources on adjustable tank optics.

Because for me they are fun when usable like for example in War Thunder Simulator /realistic.

Ps. I hope this will be added in the next update.

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Will always appreciate more maps.


Cool I guess.
Would be neat if we got more vehicles besides just boats that could ford across it, that or give engineers the ability to build a ribbon bridge.

They can already pull AT and AA out of their backpack, so why stop there. Let them build a bridge.

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This is well received, hope Stalingrad is getting some love too.

On the subject of AT guns, when they are deployed, they bounce and it isn’t easy to aim, hope that will not be an issue in this map or others soon…

Keep up the good work! :+1:


can’t tell if it’s on selow heights or not, looks very similar, and i love it.

and my favorite map of all time :smiley:.

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Like so many of the other maps with natural terrain obstacles, the spawn and objective placements are what will make or break this map. Rather than adjusting respawn costs and ticket counts, Darkflow should really be looking at adjusting spawn positions and objective borders.

It is.

It is but isnt

There is no bridge that have sandbags and MGs on top, regular cattle cars on them. There is no bunker to take

And the river didnt have pontoon bridges on it.

It might be in the same location, but just further down the river or something

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It is, you can go here even now spawn in a plane in selow height and follow the rail toward berlin

The same location, but perpendicular.
Approximately in the center of the old armored train route.

Daily reminder:

Semi-regular reminder for cool Berlin map suggestions

Proper Seelow Heights
flooded Subways
Inside the Reichstag
Tempelhof Airport
Berlin Olympiastadion
Berlin Zoo
Berlin Sportpalast
Spree Forest pocket
Battle of Halbe
Beelitz Tunnels/Hospital
Just more generic street/outskirts maps