New mechanic: Recoil Control

The recoil system in this game forces you to play on lower sensitiity to control the recoil on Soviet SMGs since they are the only ones that require you to actually adjust your aim during firing.

Now i suggest that when firing you slow down the look around speed so it adds a somewhat realistic feeling recoil control system.

Now i could just lower sensitivity to fix this but then i run into issues with having to turn quickly and aiming scoped weapons accurately.

Keyboard players have no idea of mein kamph so dont even reply!

Edit: I’ve found the perfect sensitivity to control the recoil but its harder to aim scoped weapons.


Yes Francis im serious, Console has built in recoil reduction that makes it hard not to yank the gun into the ground when you try to control it on high or normal sensitivity

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how fucking stupid can one person be?


You’ve clearly never read the art of war.


Kauf Tastatur, du Opfer.

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The problem with recoil in this game is…vast.

Wondering why the other day, I realized that the guns are modelled with reverse lateral recoil in addition to horizontal and vertical.

Idk if this is some leftover from when the game was maybe going to be more “hardcore” but its a wasted metric since it results in “recoil” happening but in the context of a 2D screen the player “feels” nothing and its way easier to control than it should be

-Suggests buffing Soviet SMG damage

-Suggests being able to just cycle one squad to use premium PPDs

-Says Soviet SMG recoil is uncontrollable on high sensitivity

You’re either trolling or the genuine most incompetent SMG user I have ever met and I’ve seen people struggle to use MP-28s, learn to play


I’ll just assume this is a troll post


Bro, holy shit, stop blaming consoles for your lack of plays. I run on ps5, you’re talking out your ass. Soviet smgs do fucking work, ppsh has semi auto too! Actually, I think most of the Soviet ones have semi, easy long range snipes :rofl: get better

that’s not quite how it works. it may seem so but it’s an effect of the actual recoil system

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Hi, player that has used both KB&M AND Controller in this game, I can summarize what you’re telling us in two words

Skill Issue

Just take some time to figure out how much you need to pull to control it, you’ll figure it out over time


If consoles are gonna keep receiving more advantages, then I think it’s also appropriate to have the ability for PC to have an auto aim too, we want fairness too

I’ll just assume you’ve never fired a real gun

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As a ppsh41 user

You don’t have brain, it’s si easy control a ppsh41, we need more recoil to ppsh, do You need Buy a PC and stop playing in console



Try playing on console

Ey, everyone take it slow.
He’s a Enlisted veteran since 2021 with over 3000 hours played. Max level on: Normandy Axis, Moscow alies, Stalingrad Alies and Axis, and Berlin Alies.

He knows what he’s talking about.

He’s a god damn assaulter main.

PPD-34, PPD-34/38, PPD-40 DSZ, PPSh-41 Parkerized, PPT-27, PP Shpitalniy 1940 …

Why shouldn’t he knows his favorite weapons like a man knows his own balls?


MP-28 is a great gun on console