New Map: Mannerheim-linja (clipping problem)

I have been working several days on a new map portraiting the Winter War or the First Soviet-Finnish War.

I’m very satisfied with the result and it works very smoothly with all the settings and technical parameters when I run it offline.
Everything is more or less ready and set for a public alpha testing release. I just haven’t decide what kind of weather it should be.

But as soon as I add online players and leave the local server its starts clipping heavily.
“Networking connection disrupted” every three seconds or so. It’s absolutley unplayable.

Okey, the blk-file is quite big, but when I removed all weapons (Mosins,Soumi, Lahti, Maxim, Molotovs and so forth) I reduced the size of the file, but the problem still remains.
And i rather dont want to remove these weapons becuse their like a part of the whole map experience.

Would any technically gifted soul want to take a closer look on my file and see what the problem might be?

Sorry for my english, from Sweden.

More pictures from the mod:


How much did you terraform?

When cheking the blk-file:


elevs:p4=1265.34, 1650.73, 5, -2.43
elevs:p4=1238.61, 1622.34, 15, -2.43

  • around 400 times.

Maybe that’s what causes it?

Maybe that’s what causes it?

The first map where i used terraforming had worse online performance than missions without modified terrain. It might be the cause of your problem, i can’t say for sure

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ok, thx!

Will check out the Verdun Mod-file, cause that one is using not pre made trenches, right?