New idea for desateurs

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I think this is what can be proverbially called floggin a dead horse.

Please get it in your skull that this is a game, and people will come and go as they please, irrespective of your feelings…’

The reasons for quitting are effectively irrelevant, its either all about YOUR enjoyment or from the quitters perspective THEIR enjoyment.

Either way its an impasse, the game is struggling for players as it is.

IF too many players quit, then max out your XP if you’re on the receiving side or ROFLstomp the bots for XP if you’re a beneficiary of said exodus.

Either way enough with the retard punishment crap.


Deserters should be publicly shamed, canceled on twitter, have their motherboard hacked, have all data on the hard drive encrypted, put on watchlist, 69min game ban, -420 social score and 2137 hours of community service.


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Also what about saboteurs? Are they worse than deseteurs?

Internet loss? Electricity cuts?

Never, game would die. I have explained and many others have in other deserter posts so just refer to them. If this is added then I’m uninstalling immediately

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Not really a problem. They left and got an XP gimp. Next!

wtf hidden post?

Runs in many games like this and it works. Feel free to uninstall, quitter don´t need ingame.

But a problem, game is close, without quitters you might have won… all players in the round have problem because of that

No one need punished because the matchfinder let him figth a stack of try harder and the guy decide tho desert for find a better match