New gold order vehicles for normandy when?

cause you know… there arent any :smiley:


I thought I was dreaming. All campaigns got some, but not Normandy.
I am not dreaming, right?

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we all live in endless abyss :smiley:… anyway

gold order M10 GMC Epervier and Bf190 G10 was added some weeks later after previous battlepass was introduced

next bp

omg :smiley:

^ This ^

Remember, BP timeframes have been shortened. So literally Soon™.

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Next BP probably, i hope there will be something interesting for normandy in future BP


Imagine how i felt last battlepass when none of the three soviet campaigns had premium vehicles

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thx for answer,Id also like to ask why Pz4 H for gold order was removed from the game logistics since it wasnt that bad of a purchase, player could have two tank squads in roster with for example panther and aforementioned PZ4

also for example the BF-109 G10 is worse gold order reward than PZ4H was since it doesnt have any bombs and its skin is bit meh in comparison to regular campaign one