New Game mode suggestion:Frontline

If any of you have played planetside 2 well you know that I speak for the others a little explanation
Planet side 2 is a scifi fps based on the conquest of mars by 3 factions
The main and unique game mode requires all players to fight each other on gigantic maps that can support the beauty of over 100 players per faction by staging immense battles for the domination of mars allowing real-time players to fight on foot on tanks or V-TOL aircraft.
Where does all this lead to? why not create the frontline mode? a mode where 50v50 players at the command of their teams fight for the domination of moscow and its suburban areas, the beaches of normandy and neighboring territories,
of the city of berlin from its gates to the heart of the reichstaig, of the city of tunis and the neighboring oases obviously this type of modality must have its own rules

  1. experience is gained in real time for each action performed, so you are free to drop in drop out
  2. each map with special areas that can be conquered for example an artillery base that allows you to use it in a specific section of the map or an air base that allows you to use planes a train station that allows the use of tanks
  3. each map has its own historical context so it will be possible to receive objectives that will change according to the situation on the field and see real what if
  4. it will be possible to form divisions of players even without knowing each other who will be able to collaborate and will have a chat and private audio channel more than the general one of their faction
  5. this should be the main mode of enlisted
    this could allow the introduction of the medical class and the commander class in addition to infantry transport, rocket artillery and other things that are currently lacking

It would be great but I don’t think that something like that will be implemented at all.

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if you look at the current maps from above you can see that they are a single large aerial devise in several parts to unify them and create such a mode would be a panacea for enlisted who remains unbalanced between being a missed battlefield and a postscriptum

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I know.
But I doubt that devs have resources and will to do it. Mostly lack of will, as it’s clear that game is concentrated around CQC, sadly.

true after all that marketing campaign and a year of closed beta those who had promised and very different from what they did i feel the hand of mama gaijin i would not wish she did not want to lose too many people from war thunde

nice post

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that would be cool! except the main mode… Invasion should be the main mode, Would be nice to have this mode changed for conquest :joy:

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I highly doubt devs are willing to provide us with decent servers that could support larger player number. I mean current servers are complete ass with dying around corners, soft geometry glitching and rubber banding.