New Game Mode:Big Action - Battle of Volokolamsk( - Alpha Test)2022.7.10

“Each new battle is unique”. As always, Enlisted mod players strive to make your battles even more interesting and dynamic. Thanks to the high quality Moscow 4km map provided to us by the developers of Enlisted, I made this huge Moscow map mission based on it

(version 2022.7.10 v0.0.3.2)

Thank you all, especially to the players who tested this mission, thank you for your participation and suggestions

Features introduction overview:

In the mission, the German army is the attacker and the Soviet Union is the defender. The German army will try to surround and destroy the Soviet Red Army in this area from southwest to east and then north.

In the front three sectors and the Soviet Red Army can’t deploy tanks and ground attack aircraft, I know you have a lot of t50s and t28s, but historically not so many, now you can only use T26s and some damaged heavy tanks or artillery Fend off the German attack, but don’t worry, the new tank troops of the High Command will arrive soon.

At this critical moment, the Germans still have a huge advantage, they can deploy a large number of tanks and aircraft, and can also call in more long-range artillery support and even 150mm heavy artillery. As winter approaches, the German logistical supply becomes more and more stretched, and the respawn score of the attacker will gradually decrease, -1.5 scores per second (-1.2 score per second when reaching sector 6).

In the game, both teams have a limit of respawn points, and each unit that dies will get -1 point. Please cherish the lives of your soldiers and pilots and cause more losses to the other side. The German army on the offensive side has 15000 respawn scores, while the Soviet Red Army on the defensive side has 8000 respawn scores.

Although there is still not possible to configure death penalty spawn scores for vehicles and specific weapons and equipment. But some measures have been taken in this mission to stop unreasonable suicide missile behavior, the plane respawns at least 6000 meters away from the battlefield, you may need to take few minutes to reach the battlefield, but the position of resupply ammunition will be very close to the battlefield, Please cherish your pilots and planes anyway.

The Soviet Red Army has a total of 13 control points scores (in config of editor) in the first 5 sctors (normal control points). when the Germans advance to the last sector, the captured control points are greater than 13 and reach 16, the Soviet Red Army’s respawn score will be fast consume. (-0.5 score per second)

The Germans will get some respawn scores as reward for destroying the blasting point, and the Germans can get more than 3000 respawn scores in total, which means that the Germans have about 18000 respawn scores.

  • In the last sector, when the Germans advance to a certain point, the position of this certain point depends on the battle ahead, the score of the Soviet Red Army defender will quickly deplete, you will see 4 arrows on the score bar of the Soviet Red Army, at this time the attacker should stop attacking, And continue to destroy the enemy and wait for the defender’s score to become 0 before killing the enemy or occupying the control point to win.

  • Damage to teammates is enabled in the game, please use your explosives carefully and correctly so as not to hurt teammates

  • This mission still only supports the squad mode (10v10, recommended 15v15). 25v25 lone fighter mode doesn’t fit well on this map by the vehicle mechanism and map size etc.

  • Recommended troops from the Battle of Moscow and the Battle of Stalingrad to fight in this mission. You can also use Tunisian troops as they have motorbikes to help the player maneuver quickly

  • The game map is huge and may take a long time, but players can relay the marathon to complete the entire mission. I hope that there will be a replay function in the future, so that players can record the whole mission process.

update logs

updates (v0.0.3.2)

updates (v0.0.3.0)


Autumn was coming to an end, and the German vanguard had begun an attack on Mozhaysk, intending to break through the last line of the Red Army’s defense of Moscow.

Volokolamsk’s position was on the north side of the Mozhaysk Line. To the north is Kalinin on the north side of Moscow, which has been invaded by German troops.

As with countless previous attacks, they plan to advance from southwest to east and then north, cutting off the road for the Soviet Red Army stationed here to retreat to the east. And at the same time cooperate with the German units that have reached Kalinin from the north side of Moscow to encircle this the Red Army at this place. And will finally toke the Volokolamsk position.

Due to the previous battles in Vyazma and Bryansk, the Soviet Red Army on the front suffered heavy losses. The Red Army garrisoned at Volokolamsk was small and still armed with a large number of outdated tanks. At the start of the battle, the Red Army’s air power was also not superior. Although the Headquarters of the Supreme High Command had assembled new infantry and tank units from rear positions. But their arrival will still take time.


Autumn is not over yet, winter is coming soon, and the roads have become muddy, which will adversely affect the mobility of motorized vehicles and tanks on both sides. The drop in temperature would have a detrimental effect on German logistics.

The Germans had to make a last-ditch effort to reach Moscow, taking advantage of their existing advantages and limited time.


The German army still has strong advantages in all aspects. The Soviet Red Army must still stick to this place, cause as many losses to the German army as possible, buy more time, and cover the friendly forces on the west side of Moscow to restore a new line of defense.


With this mod, Enlisted will have a brand new game mode where an epic invasion mode that mixes multiple genres. The map has been carefully crafted over several weeks, dividing the 4km x 4km Moscow winter map into 6 combat areas, each area has unique scenarios and absolutely huge playable areas that will surprise you.



The first five stages of the game are the invasion mode. When the German army reaches the last area, the scores of the players on both sides will be balanced. If the Germans occupy more areas, the points of the Soviet Red Army will be quickly depleted. When the opponent’s score drops to 0, our team will win the battle.


The battle damage suffered by the player in the game will also deduct the team rebirth points, please cherish and save the life of the soldiers and cause more losses to the enemy.

This mod is still in very early public alpha testing. Due to the complexity and size of the map, it took me weeks to make and debug it, and there may still be various issues. Play and share your screenshots and feedback on the map.




Download And Enjoy.


this looks awesome, may i ask, how did you get the snowy version of buildings and trees? I cannot manage to get snow on mine :frowning:


using the shaderVars

use this in you blk


    envi_cover_specular_color:p4=1, 1, 1, 0
    ocean1:c=142, 137, 71, 0
    ocean0:c=76, 63, 5, 0
    envi_cover_intensity_map_top_left_bottom_right:p4=-2048, -2048, 2048, 2048
    river1:c=142, 137, 71, 0
    river0:c=76, 63, 5, 0
    envi_cover_normal:p4=0, 1, 0.1, 0
    envi_cover_albedo:p4=0.729, 0.961, 1, 0

ah finally.

glad you found a way to color bikes.

i really needed that. thanks to you, now i, and everyone else can color them in gray instead of sand.

i added also this method to the list of how coloring tanks.
( i know it’s not a tank, but i added a little note and tagged you in it since you found it. cheers )


where do i enter those things? In the property panel of shader vars?


It made the buildings red xD


DIRECTLY edit the scene.blk with VS code or simply Notepad


Thank you very much, it worked!


update log

  1. fix the problem that make attack team can not award cap spawn score

  2. fix the victory conditions both side (most cases maybe)

  3. fix cases make s4 and s5 sector switching broken

update log

  1. Adjusted the time to occupy the control point and reduced the time for the attacker to occupy it; reduced the installation time of the bomb_site control point and increased the explosion time;

  2. Added a lot of transport vehicles, gaz67 jeep, vw_kubelwagen

  3. Improved the mobility of vw_kubelwagen and ab41 on the map. By setting vehicle_net_phys__blk

  1. Changed the direction of the bunker with 122mm gun of sector3 face to southwest

  2. Add a special control point between sector 4 and sector 5 where the intruder and the defender fight against each other. Once the defender occupies the counter-attack point, the sector will be pushed back to the previous sector, which will cause great trouble to the attacking German army.

  3. Changed Soviet 52k-85mm AA to ground firing range from 650m to 550m, 52k-85mm AA is NPC weapons on the front of the Soviet Red Army defensive position.

  4. Modified the icons of some victory points

  5. Readjusted the numZonesCaptured of both sides. Fixed the problem that the defender had an abnormal number of numZonesCaptured, by setting the progress of defending control points to 0.99

  6. Fixed some respawn points on the attacker and defender were abnormally positioned

  7. Added two captured T34 tanks (grey skin) for the Germans Army in sector 1

v0.0.3.0 released~

  1. patch3: Adjust the frequency of respawn points deduction for the attacker and defender, the attacker -1.5/-1(last sector) per second; the defender -0.5 per second (only for last sector)

  2. patch6: Added motorcycle respawn points to all sectors both side. Again, enable tunisia factions to join the fight, since they have some reasonable weapons and are the only faction with mobile infantry transports

  3. patch6: increase the german base spawn score to 15000

  4. Added more gaz_67 even more

  5. Added snow camera effect fps


known issues

  1. Under certain conditions, the invaders will win unexpectedly, sometimes when the last unit of the defender is eliminated and there are no other defenders on the map.

updates (v0. - v0.

  • Replace the destruction points with anti-tank hedgehog to a very small radio station model. Since both the hedgehog and the bag_stack can be destroyed by the player, the bomb cannot explode and the attacker cannot advance to the next area.

  • Created a defender counter-attack control point between Sector4 and Sector5(in editor s3 and s4), the defender Soviet Red Army can occupy this point and push the German army back to the previous sector.

  • Fixed the issue where the player called artillery killlog displayed as MG42, it seems that this data is polluted due to the automatic gun gun__blk reference.

    • The autocannon’s killlog weapon name is still an unsettable, currently only displayed as Maxim and MG42.
  • Adjusted German respawn score rewards from the capturing of control point, +1000 for radio destruction point; +1500 for hedgehog destruction point;

    • Basic scores of both side, Axis 12000; USSR 8000;
  • You can now set up the troops of the Tunisian campaign to join the fight when you create the game because they have the suitable weapons. But as the mission author, I still recommend Moscow and Stalingrad

  • Added more gaz_67 jeeps as transport vehicles in the map, they have very good off-road performance in the game.

    • But since there is no way to conditionally generate these entities dynamically yet in the editor. I can’t pre-set too many vehicles and I’m worried that doing so will affect the performance and stability of the map

Whoah. Thanks for info!

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thanks to

Add mission briefing for both sides, press F1 to show.

I use google translate to generate texts, please let me know if there is any text mistakes…


Map progress seems stopped in this stage:

Soviet push us back and then we success recapture point, but nothing happened.

Yeah it’s bugged.


Also… How you did motorcycles looks gray? by shadersVars?

I suggest allow shoot and drive at same time in cars.
(For that you need write 1 instead 0 in cars parameters vehicle_seats_can_acquire_controls)

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Bad bug. :rofl: My map was also troubled by this before, but I fixed it. However, there are still many bugs… Although their impact is not too great


  transform:m=[[0.129594, 0.0756327, 0.988678] [0.0728943, 0.993662, -0.0855688] [-0.988884, 0.0831583, 0.12326] [387.848, 3.50972, -1772.66]]


Are playing the mission of latest version? the I may haved fixed this bug in some cases. i not sure if this happen in the latest version.

you can see the version text in loading screen

I will rework s4\ s5\ s6 in next version.


update log

  • Improved S3’s 152mm howitzer (played by a 17-pounder)
    • Can be repaired by sappers after damage
    • Modified to 2 seats, aiming view and observation view, seat 2 needs to press 2 twice to move the camera to the correct position

update log

  • Reworked capture points and battle area of S4、S5 and S6

    • In previous versions, S5 and S6 battles sometimes became fragmented and aimless due to the large area of the previous S5 and S6, the area between the control points was too far and the lack of connection. In the latest version, the area of S5 and S6 has been reduced, Now the battle area for both side has excluding cities by the river in the west and villages in the north from the battle area, but the Soviet Red Army can still respawn here. By concentrating control points in a smaller area. Players may have more battles and smoother strategy choices

    • Reduced the number of control zones in S5 and S6 for attacking team. S5(2Cap + 2BombSite); S6 (3Cap+1BombSite)

    • The scores supply bonus for the attacking team in each area has become more predictable, S1: +1500; S2: +1500; S3: +1500; S4: +500; S5: +300; S6: none;

    • Adjusted the score deduction rule for attacking teams (16000base; -1.25/per second)

    • Removed the Soviet Red Army counterattack point in S4,

    • And add two counter-attack specail contrl points with 3mins captime for the Soviet Red Army in S6, the Soviet Red Army can choose to occupy one of them will push the combat area back to S5 or S4.

      • By counter-encircling the germans, The defend team will likely eliminate all German units in the S6 area, and deal a major blow to the German respawn score (-1000 scores), while making the Germans lose time. After the successful counterattack, the Soviet Red Army will receive +2000 scores of reinforcements
    • In S6, The final sector, Both teams has a very fast decap speed for all common control points, while the common cap speed for the Soviet Red Army is very slow. It takes the defender 20 minutes to completely occupy a control point. Once the counterattack is successful, the German army will immediately suffer 1000 score loss.

    • At the same time, the problem that the S4 area may not be able to advance in the previous version was tested and fixed.

    • Improve the game rules of the victory and defeat conditions. Especially for the point deduction rules of the Soviet Red Army, now the German army reduces the score of the defending Soviet Red Army by occupying control points. When the Soviet Red Army score drops to 0, the defending team will fail. Each time the control point is captured, it will cause 500 points to the Soviet Red Army. The first 5 zones will result in a total loss of about 3000 points (5*500 + 500) to the defensive team. In S6, every time the Germans occupy a control point, it will cause a loss of 500 points to defending team.

      • After the Germans occupy the control point in S6, the control point will be locked for 3 minutes.
  • Minor adjustments to combat areas, supply points, and scene devices, etc. Replaced the 122mm howitzer played by IS-2 tank in S3 with a 152mm howitzer played by a 17-pounder Anti-Tank Gun.


pre release test

updated to the main remote~


update log

  1. rework sector6,reposition capzone and respawn point

  1. Enriched sector concrete bunkers in secotr 3, added watchtowers and trenches, and made the 152mm howitzer no longer destroyable

  1. Changed the ammos for preset Maxim machine gun to Dshk API shells

  2. allies now can deploy assault aircraft in sector1, sector2, and sector3

  3. readded some AA vehicles for the axis in secor1, and fixed the shooting camera angle, and fixed gun sound for skdfz_6_2_sws

  4. For ussr defend team, added some Churchill tanks that fire heavy shells (as KV-2 or Churchill AVRE), and su76 that fires 122 shells (as SU-122-A)

  5. Added some panzer iii with framethrower for Axis invaders. And enhanced the preset ab41, now they are equipped with 20mm gun and mg34 machine gun, with better firepower and turret maneuverability


this needs to be an official game mode

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now this is good
this is a better post then the Adding to all campaigns!

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