New Forum Goer here! Hello!

Hello everyone! CCCP_PaPaSha here! Thought I would come and see what the community is like after playing the game for a while and say a little bit about me.

Before I came to Enlisted, I bounced around Between Battlefield 5 and Call of Duty World at War, though after the debacle with BF5 with the devs basically abandoning the game along with other gripes I had about it, I uninstalled and never looked back. Played World at War for a while longer and then I got on here and now my Xbox collects dust. The very first FPS game I played was the original Medal of Honor, and the very first multiplayer I played was World at War.

I play Hearts of Iron IV as well, Warthunder and World of Warships once in a blue moon. But I’m mostly here in Enlisted playing on the Soviet side of the Battle of Berlin.

I generally run a PPSh-41, TT-33, Large ammo pouch, Molotov, a med kit and anti infantry mine.
My favorite squad is composed of 3 Assaulters, 3 Riflemen with SVT-40s, and a MG with a DT-29, so fairly balanced I think.
My play style is fast and hard, I love in your face CQC type combat and unless I’m defending, I never stop moving. So, think Dr Disrespect; Violence, Speed, Momentum.

That’s about it for now!

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Like 47% players,49% are best snipers and run away from the points in the world.

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Not me! I’m always trying to take objectives. I’m not very good at defending, but I love to assault.

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Remember!Main its good rally around point.

What’s your favorite BFV map?

Its the one that’s underground mostly…I cant remember the name of it. I called it “Discount metro”. You’re underground in a subway system of sorts. I used to tear that map up with the Suomi.


i believe you are referring to operation underground.

either way, welcome to our community :slight_smile:

it’s always nice to see new people around.

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even better with a shotgun! welcome to this forum :slight_smile:

Yep! Thats it. Thats my favorite BF5 Map.

Thank you!