New Campaign Levels

In one way yeah for the MG.

But then a wild tiger apear. Lmao

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Great job. If 1 day delay you gift all of this and Stalingrad. It will be great.


Ah yes my favorite campaign is getting cool stuff such as PZ IV, M4 Sherman and Matilda


Well… yay for most campaigns but yawn for Moscow. Was really hoping for something appealing to come to Moscow to make it fun to play again but alas, I shall not be granted such. A lot of more interesting things I feel they could have added instead, but then I can never get excited for planes.

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Very cool. Was just thinking today how nice it would be to have the DT-29 in Moscow! Finally the MP-43 in Berlin. Fedorov looks cool too. Tiger and the 100-round Browning in Normandy get my eyes glowing.

Still, isn’t the stg in berlin ")

Still no stg in berlin…

It’s cool that we get MP43 for Berlin, but why? So we’ll have STG44 as sidegrade along the line?

it could be worse, like giving us a kar98k with a grenade launcher.


Trust me As44 vs stg44 lmao both have 44 in the name belanced



From WT wiki:
Tiger E
M4A1 (76) W’s shell

Emm, still able to pen.

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insert comment a out mp43 and stg being the same gun

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Oh boy, this patch is gonna get interesting.

Some OP stuff is about to wreck metas…

Im excited!

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Hence why they say angle it because you become untouchable

Don’t give them ideas

Mp43/I its more than perfect right now.

Late campaign berlin axis is just OP


delete bomb of La-7
you guys already delete bf109’s bomb in moscow because of soviet plane doesn’t have it


Please yes more kar98k with granade luncher i cant live without them

Why not giving us the stg 44 already??

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I have like 25 of them, in the warehouse, do you fancy?

why do the Germans get a fucking tiger e and the allies get a regular Sherman no jumbo 76 or m36 why would you do this to us
no counter to the fg42 in Normandy no Johnson riffle no bar nothing for troopers what the fuck
you did 1 thing wright 1919 a6 was needed bad but i cant fucking believe you you gave the Germans a tiger with no counter again
all in all thanks for nothing like usual just more of German cater fest noooo Germany suffers