New bug with the swap equipment system

As people thought I was talking about the academy when making the last report, I will make a new one with more detail

There has been a new feature added to the game which gave us the ability to swap soldier equipment when changing them

After I done this, instead of swapping equipment, the game deleted all my equipment from the trooper including my very rare Berdan 2 rifle

I call @JagdEnte @Keofox to take a look at this and give me back my rifle that I payed real money for

I also call @101737576 @10274996 @49801926 who were calling it my “my fault” to take a look that it has nothing to do with the academy

I never said it was your fault you animal
I said to take a pic of your equipment pile and made a shitpost about darkflow giving it to me instead


It’s still your fault for expecting a game feature to work as intended.


You are so funny

I know, I’m criminally hilarious.

You’re welcome.

I said it could possibly be your fault or the games fault never stated directly it was your fault you animal

Okay, I don’t really give a s**** whose fault it is

I just want my gun back

Understandable, I hope for you that it gets fixed soon

When you go to main menu and click options. You can click on support and from there you can submit a ticket directly. That would be the fastest way for you to get your stuff back.

I will try,