New bronze order system broken?

Maybe I just don’t understand how it is intended to work but I thought that you were supposed to get an order every 3k experience right? At the end of a match there are the two little xp bars for the two types of orders and when you fill one you should get that order right away after the match yeah? I’ve played a few matches where I’ve filled one, the other or both bars every time and not gotten anything. I should have gotten ~5 orders by now but nothing. Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding how/when these orders are given out.

Must be a bug because I recived mine without any problems.

Same, received all mine as intended. Sounds like a bug

Alright, thanks for clarifying. I’ll try to get a screen recording of my next match then post a proper bug report.

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Are you on console?

Windows PC

Oh, okay. Sometimes consoles are a week behind on updates.

I just noticed mine didn’t change until I had completed the task I had before the update.