My thoughts on perk balance

Except those aren’t replacing the perks

Only really the bolt actions, but that’s because of the low base damage. We can keep the current base damage in enlisted and offer only the ammo variants. That way you get the current damage boost only if you take the short range ammo type, which would make it almost a bolt action “shotgun” in terms of range, but guaranteed kill on torso, while the “sniper” ammo would offer higher velocity and better damage over range, but more recoil.

As long as the downsides are strong enough it should be fine.

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That’s the problem of balancing, not problem of the idea itself.


The thing I’m most concerned about this game is full tank build, with vitality + regen + medpack buff + body armour. Needing two bolt action shots to just down someone, or six SMG hits at close range, would be my biggest nightmare.

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Nothing funny about such a wonderfully made proof of concept. Hope the devs see this.

you have to be joking.

you are… by far… the most blind guy on this entire forum.

and you managed to get fooled by @8383908 , congratulations.

or maybe you are playing dumb really good. and it’s not working if you ask me.

because those photos has been used by devs them selves:

and most important, here:

and you even commented.

you are, by far, the worst troll.

That was the joke!
Good god

because it’s the right time to joke about it.


We all need a bit of levity before a War Thunder event, my friend

i disagree


What do you mean?

I was snowballing off of tcat suggesting what was already in the dev blog, chill.

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Repeating what I have been suggesting for over half a year, you mean?


A lot of unnecessary butt hurt in this thread.


That doesn’t un-write the dev blog. I may as well say the devs should ad the DP 27 to Moscow

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The blog doesn’t suggest replacing these with perks

devs should make the FG42 premium .

You were suggesting using them to replace perks?
That doesn’t make much sense apart from the ammo perk.

I’d like perks to represent proficiencies better, and for some of them to be class limited. My machine gunners don’t need bolt action cycling perks.

Add things like a perk that makes you more accustomed to carrying heavy weapons so you aren’t so slow to move with them.

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