My thought about the editor after read the mission editor guide

Only based on two guides of this editor:
Mission editor guide
Uploading Mod to the Portal

According to the google document, the “mission” editor can only edit mission side stuff. Such as all kinds of spawn point, battle zones, spawn tickets, capture zones, etc. And its parameters like timer, sizes, etc.
The google document very weirdly hasnt cover any part of how to edit map’s landscape. Like moving houses/add new houses, vegetation, etc. Also no info about weather/time.

Actually I just bought ARMA Reforger. (It’s good, but not recommended) I think many ARMA3 players has at least tried ARMA3’s editor. The new Reforger’s editor has removed tons of complex functions from previous Eden editor. But still kept some part of adding new houses. Also setting time and weather.
Eden editor:

(Game master editor is pretty cool for real-time showing. But also cause some mess.)

(Obviously in Enlisted we dont need to directly place soldiers to map)

I also played and used other game’s editors. From player friendly editors like G Mod, Men of War series to hard to use RO2 editor, OMSI2 editor, etc. And lots of some sandbox games.

Open 3D game’s editor usually provide:
Map objects edit part for editing landscape (most important, and most players can do, just put some houses on the map, also lots of players use this just for fun). Adding/deleting houses/trees. Editing land/waters, like elevating/digging. Drawing Streets. Setting lights. And so on.

Entity edit part to put vehicles, humans, AIs on to the map. This part also contain how to set this individual’s property:

Mission logic edit part like triggers, way point, stage/phase settings for a mission, a match, etc. This part is which Enlisted editor provides. This part actually is less used by average players due to complexity, not directly showed, and also usually come with some logic programming (or blue print).

And all other attribute. Like editing time & weathers, AI difficulty, player’s resources, team’s attributes.

Also interact with non-official contents. For example G MOD (and most steam games_, there’s page integrate with your subscripted contents.

Arma, pick how to load community contents to start.
The ability to IMPORT and export your modded map/objects or even a new game mod, and share it to others (usually via Steam community. (This is what 30% steam tax for)).

For Enlisted editor:
First, dont give up! If you decide to bring it to us, then make a proper editor to us. You have lots of newly added features but is left unpolished!

Ability to edit the map. Move, add, delete object visually. Edit terrain.

For mission/match attribute. Please give us more customization of a match.
For example of RO2 server settings:
For example Verdun’s game settings.

Ability to set game’s each part of UI showed or not (like enemy icon, minimap, etc. for arcade~hardcore experience).
AI difficulty. Sight range, shooting accuracy etc.
Friendlyfire scale Not just 100% or completely 0.
Limit player’s weapon types.
Limit player’s soldier/squad types.
Set damage scale: RO2 provide 100% damage scale for realism game, 50% damage scale for arcade experience.
Limit infantry/vehicle count. To make a map a main infantry or main tank or even main plane match.
Set different respawn cost to infantry/vehicles.
There’s lots of filters to make it distinct.
Also mixed invasion and destruction together. Some stage, you need to capture, other stage, you need to destroy.
We all know defenders can have respawn ticket. Let us also able to limit defender’s resource.

I dont know if the editor can run and test the mission within the editor. Players need built in running function to debug their match.
And I dont know how your editor’s UI is. Are they very complex, full of text? Or clearly categorized.
Here’s some example of other game’s good editors (user friendly, mostly graphic UI):

Some bad example of being too complex, lack order, and hard to use:

Also, still, in the future, allow community to upload community materials.


Would be amazing to have map editing in the future, but honestly, just editing points is more than an amazing start. I wasn’t even expecting to have what theyre giving now and its more than I could wish from for enlisted. Imagine maps that are finally balanced :)))