My Saber from the last event isGone

I was messing with my Normandy Line for The USA one of my troops had the saber from the Tunisia event I removed it to give to another Troop and when I did It disappeared and I cant find it on any of my troops. Is there anyway to find it or get it back some how or is it just gone forever?

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I would try clicking on a soldier and then clicking on the knife icon, which should open knifes, it may be in there, if you haven’t already tried that, and if so, that’s all i can come up with, hope you find it :smiley:

Yah I Tryed that its just gone

Sorry to hear that, you may or not have any reserves?, i would go through them all, if you have them, if not, i would, if me, be contacting support people, as a last resort.
mental note to myself, do not move swords

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