My ideas no. I - Rifleman and Rifleman-Squad

Hello there…

what is the point of the rifleman class apart from being able to use rifle grenade launchers? What is the actual point of the rifleman squad? There is none. Rifleman is just a filler class, and rifleman squads are just fillers for the grind meta.

But what if they have a purpose? At least the British and German infantry usually carried ammunition for machine guns/ machine gunners in their squad, which was the main firepower of their unit.

I simply propose that machine gunners receive one additional magazine/ ammo belt for each rifleman in their squad. It is their class perk, which is unique to them and can’t be received by other classes (Dont know what their current perks are but I guess they are not really that interesting anyway).
Coming to the rifleman squad, the gunner would be mandatory for the squad (since they have no real class limit at the beginning anyway). Yes. It would mean that a machine gunner in an infantry squad could get up to 8 additional rounds but it only applies to him, and it only applies as long as he is alive. If he is dead, the additional ammo is gone and whoever picks it up, just get the casual amount of ammo. It would make the gunner both more powerful in an rifleman squad but also a valuable target.
It wouldn’t make gunner squads more powerful unless people are ready to replace tactical classes in these squad for additional ammo (and of course in any other squad where you can get an gunner).

(Ofc this all assumes that machine guns, especially the GPMGs, are somehow able to hit a barn at 50 m again and have proper working bipods)


Also the Lead Riflemen in a Squad should be able to use an SMG (I just wanna have a MP40 and MG34 in my riflemen squad, it won’t even be OP)


Like yes since the gunner slot is not longer needed in the tech tree, the riflesquad can get an additional Assaulter (or medic in case we get them in the future).

That’d be great

Also be’d great if I could like posts

just use assulter??? last thing we need is more automatics


they are there to give the game a more realistic feel and to stop players from running a squad of 7 lmgs or 7 flamen werfers

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You can spam automatics as a rifleman though. I don’t really see much of a difference in going against a 9 FG42 squad and going against a 8 FG42 + 1 MP40 squad.

I just wanna use a traditional German squad with squad leader with MP40 and 1 MG34 in my riflemen squad. People already spam 4 assaulters in an assaulter squad and run 3 squads of them, adding the ability to run 1 SMG amd 1 LMG won’t be even be that ridiculous.

They could also give additional AT ammo.
(Of course AT guys would have to have their basic AT ammo decreased.)

And imo it should be in form of a backpack. Just for the looks.

and this is much bad but is also limited by the fact that they dont get as much ammo, last thing we need is to be enabling this

i do think that the german squads should be given the option to have a assaulter and a mg gunner as the german sqaud was one with ten men with the squad lead with the g43 or mp38/40 , and a mg34/42

at troopers already get 6 shots and that is what the AT assistant would have as the at gunner would not carry any

Rifleman is only a squad used for add boltie and granade luncher as radio squad 2 for SF and SA

i would remake all inventory system, get out grenade pouches, and put ammo pouches inside the backpack alot side medkits,

then any extra magazine can be given to any other soldier.

I think part of the problem with this squad is that the devs designed the game around weapons and glued the soldiers into roles around them with some exceptions like the Engineer and Radio Op.

Another Alternative:
On the assumption that all things in BETA are adjustable, I’d make the Rifle Squad more core and have specialist attachment options. The other core squad would be the SMG squad for the Soviets, PzGren squad for the Germans, Armoured Squad for the US.

So a “generic” rifle team will have 9 pax, 1 Assault role for leader, 1MG role, and 7 rifles - you can substitute 2 rifles for 1 of: AT/Sapper/RO/Marksman. You can have as many Rifle squads as there are available, 2-3 across various campaigns.

Assault squad is changed into a generic SMG/PzGren/Armd Inf Squad would have 7 as per current make up, and would follow the national characteristics more precisely
So a Soviet SMG squad would have 7 Assaulters and you could swap 2 for 1 of RO/Sapper/AT
A German Pz Gren would have 2 MGs and otherwise be the same as the Rif Squad, whilst
A US Armoured Squad would have the option of the .30 Cal as opposed to the 2 BARs which a std inf squad would use.

The other specialist squads should shrink to teams:

  • MG squad is changed into an MMG team that corresponds to appropriate countries. 1 Asslt Ldr, 3 x MG, operators only and 1 Eng for the ammo. The MMG is equipped only on the first MG, the others carry rifles/ammo, BUT any of the 3 can pick up the MMG if the pri gets shot and deploy it. The MMG will get lafette, wheeled carraige, etc… and needs to be set up with the B - bipod key to fire. The fire rate is greatly increased as is the belt/ammo/overheating characterisics - the Engineer Squad no longer builds MG nests.
  • The current RO team is ok at 5, could also have a smaller/cheaper Fwd Observer Team of 3 rather (Asslt leader, 1 RO, 1 Rifle)
  • FT Team of 1 Asslt Ldr, 2 FT troopers, 1x Spt Eng
  • Mor Team of 1 Asslt Ldr, 2 Mor, 1 Spt Eng
  • AT Team of 1 Asslt Ldr, 2 AT, 1 Spt Eng
  • Recon/Sniper Team of 5 is fine as is.
  • The extant Engineer specialist team of 6 is also fine as is.

So in this set up (depending on the squad slots available) - once you get through the first couple of Progression unlocks you could have 1 Rifle, 1 Assault, and your choice of specialist squad +1 vehicle as a line up option.

With more slots you get more flexibility as per current set up. The fundamental change is that the Rifle Squad and Assault squads become core to the gameplay, and the other roles just sub-specialisaions with their own teams to support. The current setup allows the other teams to substitute for the rifle team too easily.’

On a bit of a tangent, I would also like to suggest that perhaps the Rifle / Assault teams get a buff in HP over the other specialist roles where applicable, to overaccentuate their ruggedness / training so > tankers, Airmen, Snipers, Mortars, ROs, FT and Engineers lets say. The AT and MG are really just riflemen with different weapons, but I guess I’m starting to split hairs too much. There is something there to think about/test given that different classes of troops have adjusted stats.

Yeah. Sadly most squad only exists for guns/ adding more guns with engineer and radio being exceptions. The meta focus too much just on guns, not really about the squad itself. That’s bad for the rifleman squad because they don’t have any interesting gun apart from the nade launchers (and even that is pointless because some squads allows you to have up to two riflemen).
At least that would make the rifleman squad more interesting for mg-focused players, as the gunner would have the main role in the squad and has advantages of being there instead in a gunner or any other squad, the same goes for the rifleman class itself.