My friends voice chat doesnt work on enlisted

i play on pc, my friend plays on an xbox one S, for some reason the voice chat on the game doesnt work for him, he cant hear me and i cant hear him but when i invited another friend on PS5 we could hear and talk to each other fine but our xbox friend still couldnt hear or talk to us.

Currently, voice chat on Xbox is only available between players of same platform. perhaps this will change in the future.

Can you fix it? I just tried hopping on for some matches with my buddy cause I like the tactic features, and he has xbox and we couldnt hear each other so we just switched over to cod

On Xbox Series S there is Zero option for Voice chat in the Enlisted Game is this an update that is coming? Its a great game and I’m looking forward to more updates however its a little crqzy to think that I have to be on discord on my phone with the four other guys that I F@#k S$#T up with. But when they play with each other on PS5 and PC cross platform they can utilize in game voice chat.