MP43 and MkB

Assault rifles can be very different. Agree that the L86 and the FN FAL are different things.
I’m generally not worried about the ban on use on tankers, but still the Mp43 is quite accommodating in the larger quarters of German tanks.

Oh, so you do play axis. And you’re quite a decent player.
Shame you have no teamamtes, thus you barely ever win.
And oh, how the allies suffer. You certainly must have experienced a lot of suffering with your 73% winrate.

Unless that’s only the case for one faction, winrate should still be a statistic of how well a nation performs with you in it’s team. Just that the less you try to win, the less you’ll matter.


FAL isn’t really an assault rifle. it’s a battle rifle, same as the FG42, as it uses a full powered cartridge.

This is a strange notion of battle-rifle. Take what you want SCAR H, AKM.
I mean, there are compact assault rifles with less powerful ammo, and there are heavy rifle cartridges with rifle ammo.

An assault rifle is a select fire rifle chambered in an intermediate cartridge (such as 8mm Kurz, 7.62x39 or 5.56x45 nato for example).
So, an AKM, M16, STG44 or a FAMAS would be assault rifles.
A SCAR-H, FN FAL, AVS-36 or a G3 would be a Battle rifle, and not an assault rifle.

SMG… Berlin Axis is not the place to play SMG! Use FG and MG!
MG42 and FG can do way better job at close range than any SMG.

Also, where’s your stat?

It turns out Fedorov should be crossed out of the Assault Rifles?
My point is that there is a big difference between it and the MP43. MP Should follow SMG performance modifications

I’m not in the game, but I don’t understand. what do I have to prove. Level 28 USSR(or late 27, can’t remember), 33 - Axis in Normandy.
Since Normandy I started playing first, everywhere else I played for other factions, as I’m not interested in watching the same weapon twice and three times.

Why is it so zoomed in is it really yours

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Depends. 6.5 arisaka is kinda on the edge, so it could go either way.

And my point is that it shouldn’t even be in Berlin. It should be a gold order or premium in Moscow.

I’d honestly say the STG would be better off following a unique upgrade tree which would be similar ot how it is now, only ROF should get a buff and the base hitpower of 7.92x33 should be increased to 9. (As should the 7.62 for the Mkb35, and .30 carbine should be 8.0 base, but that’s irrelevant)

Now show a screenshot of your kills on the tank and the plane.
19,000 kills, but only about 5,000 from Weapons.
The rest are vehicle

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9 starting damage, if the .30 has 8, seems okay. Relative to pistol ammo, too.
But that’s not the case now at all.

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Yeah, but I find it’d be best.

Yeah probably

Here’s mine

Wait, how tf do you have kills and playtime if you have 0 battles as axis?

72% on Allies? And someone else says theirs is terrible.
I think Normandy is the most balanced campaign.


It bugged I think I’ve done 2 games and quit one lol

Yeah, Soviet even at top levels, will be instantly wiped out by a German FG+MG combo. Just not met top level both German and Soviet players? Ask them what they like, PPSH or FGs?

My winrate for most factions makes no sense since they are contaminated by lots of BP matches, and filled with ancient matches.
I instantly leveled up Soviet after Berlin OBT. Before you come here.

Berlin soviet enjoys a extreme easy start, due to at lower level, Soviet is much stronger than Axis. But now, nearly 1 year of Berlin release, most players already leveled it up. It’s time to talk about strength at higher level’s equipment.

I never said it was terrible Berlin axis is terrible Normandy is somewhat balanced