This is just a suggestion that I doubt will be added but what about the mp40/I. It was a variant of the mp40 with two 32 round magazines. Now it was heavier and had reliability issues. And I found no evidence it was ever fielded because of its issues. But you could still put it in the game and make it a gold weapon in berlin or something. Anyways just a suggestion, I don’t expect you to add it but it could be fun.

Actually cod battlefield dont have mp40/i and the normal mp40 have a big magazine is the dev choice give us low ammo for historical purpouse

It’s premium.
Gaijin.Net Sklep - Enlisted - “Battle of Berlin” Bundle

Just like @33349666 said - it’s already present as a unique weapon for premium squad that guarantees CBT access for Berlin.

Your right, I never looked at the premium squads too closely so i guess its already in


Also to add, is so inferior compared to the other premium, the soviet ppd40, if they wanna give something exclusive the germans on Berlin should have got something better, like a emp44 or a suomi kp31