Mortar spawn kill behind Dark Zone

I used my Mortar team to complete Battle Task. I noticed that I can kill freshly spawned soldiers around the Standard/Main spawn points. (Current map: Swamp of Reviers). I suprised, and I think its unfair at both sides at any map.
(Standard spwan point protection is active now, I know, but if that 10 sec expires, that Mortar HE shells still can cause serious losses around that area.) And also we know that main spawn point are behind the faded/dark zones so (edge of the map)…I think its need to be adjusted.

I think some immunity behind dark zones would be great to be added. Bomb, Tank and Infantry damages are also would not to cause damage behind that zone.
At the same time the spawning faction are also cannot hurt the attackers/spawn killers until they stay behind dark zones. (picture below)

I dont know…suddenly I didnt figured out better solution…what is you opinion about that?

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gg spawn mortaring people

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Whats your problem? can’t I test it, if the game already allows it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Now I have riched with useless and invaluable comment again…thanks a lot


however, the mortar team shouldn’t even be usable
the callable artillery attack is a mortar volley
if it were field artillery it would break buildings and take out the tanks

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immediately gets defensive

Wow it’s almost like you know you’re ruining the game but do it anyway.


Unfortunately abusing it is the fastest way to get it fixed.


Aint that the truth. :\

Arti is also a big problem now. The damage of that is 3x than is was before HE buff.
I think the Mortar nerf was not good that way, that they let only 1 reload from 1 ammo box…maybe 4-5 reload would be better…i dont know

Yes…I wasnt happy to do that, but I feel the same when Bombs are also wipe the squads on the ground…

Bomb/mortar damage reduced in gray zone vs. infantry is all right for me. But when I’m at the edge of my map in a firefight with another squad, and that squad retreats two meters and gain immunity? That would be unfair. Often it’s even necessary to go into gray zone to deal 2-3 shots and die instead of letting yourself sniped again and again.
Same for tanks - according to forum there are players who are playing from their safe zone and killing enemies even now, when we can’t easily get there but at least can harm. Imagine if these hiding tanks would gain total immunity as well. Let them be bombed.

Have you managed to finish elementary school? I sincerely doubt it

The OP points to a problem and you … mah let me bring my signature back…


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I don’t know why devs decided to kill this class this way.
It’s awfull because you have to go through it in campaing and from random drops you get useless martairs and mortar mans.
That sucks.

I already posted here is link and solution.

But a lot of complainers still ruin the game.

Sorry for misguideing, I missed some part from my description: I mean if a fresh Squad spawn behind dark zone (at the main start point in both side) and they got hit by bomb/mortar, then they are immune to damage, and they can’t hurt anyone, while they stay.
BUT…if they leave the dark zone, and step through the border of it, they became vulnerable.

If they wanna go back, than they are NOT become immune again. Instead off immunity, they got a message, while they screen become faded/bright: “Go back to the battlefield, desertion is not toralated.” If you leave the protected zone, you can’t return again.
(Just for example: If some player want to set a mortar behind dark zone, they are not cause damage, till they are leave the zone)

Cant remember what game but it had similar spawn area aka greyzone where after certain amount of time or if you fired your gun you lost your spawn protection and entering back to greyzone obv didnt regain the protection.

god so edgy and cool dude xDDDDD

Yeah, someting familiar for me…Heroes and Generals? You know…when you spawned, and your scren is grey and you invisible an immune to damage, but if you go forward a few step you slowly become visible and vulnerable like a simple soldier…only this in my midn now :smiley:

Artillery is a problem, but the answer is definitely not to buff mortars again. Only 1 reload sounds right, now forcing them to operate in the zone that the enemy can reach them without magically dying would be a nice step further.

The biggest problem however, is still bomber planes, and they haven’t gotten fixed at all.

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Yes…they still too powerful with bombs…instand 20-25 soldier kill and a few tanks sometimes…the blast radius is also huge…

This already works in both ways unfortunately, for example, i never see Jumbos getting into active battle, most of the time they passively sit in the gray zone and only way to destroy them is with planes. HE immune mortar teams camping in gray zone would be nightmare. Right now 10 sec protection is okay imo but if it’s really getting out of hand then maybe invent full protection in gray zones but when the first shot/mortar shell is fired, protection for that squad goes away.

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