Mortar shell not firing out of barrel (ps5)

Please fix the mortar team, it is very immersion breaking to see the shell coming out next to the barrel… this was an old bug, it seems to have come back.

Chose any mortar team, I chose Tunisia and then fire mortar, it is broken again.

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I just did a test on practice after playing Tunisia mortar round is coming out of barrel, but when in squad mode it is not?

A video of what I mean:

Mortar Bug back in Tunisia Mortar Bug back in Tunisia - Album on Imgur

@1942786 please can the devs fix this, it is quite immersion breaking.

Yes I also noticed this weirdness a few days ago.

Just to add, now tested on Berlin, it is happening on this campaign for Soviet mortar team too!

@88761617 Hi, are you aware of this bug, it was fixed before, please fix this again.

Stalingrad mortar team, just tested it, mortar not firing, please fix this asap

Please can this be fixed, it is on all campaigns now.


The shells are firing from two different places (other than the barrel of the mortar).
This is Tunisia on pc.