More points for destruction?

Hey, at the moment it feels like playing infantry and pushing the objective in destruction gives you too few points…in invasion you get enough points to get first place, but in destructions it seems not. Dont really encourages me to play assault infantry so i stick with passive tank and anti-inf-aa and get first place. But would be nice to be encouraged to change playstyle.

You get +100% bonus xp for planting / defusing all bombs. Very worthwhile.

I was never able to make many points even when i planted almoast every bomb in a match. But when its a capture points map I often go out as first place in team. Dont know if its the points for capture/destroy or the battle dynamic of the modes. But normal infantry on destruction doesnt pay off for me somehow.

Ahah no, no, I meant if you DO put effort in planting/defusing bombs, you will win the match. And THAT will give a LOT of xp, +100%.