More of the new Enlisted

Greetings, commanders. We continue to tell you about the global changes that will be coming to Enlisted this year. If you missed our previous blogpost of the new progression and matchmaking, be sure to check it out.

In this diary, we’ll tell you about the changes to the way you level up your soldiers, the more simplified economy, and other important improvements you’ve been asking for.

Let’s start with an important clarification of how the matchmaking will work, which we came up with after analyzing hundreds of your feedback and suggestions in the discussion of the first diary.


As you already know, in the updated Enlisted, the matchmaker, if there are enough players in the queue, will gather a team of participants close in weapon and vehicle strength, thereby creating more balanced battles.

We analyzed your feedback and decided to add an additional rule: matchmaking will try to find the battle location that best matches to the participant’s weapons. For example, if the set of all your weapons when playing for the USSR is more consistent with the early period of WWII, then you are more likely to end up in the Moscow winter or on the streets of Stalingrad.

This is a soft rule, so it will apply as long as matching such a session doesn’t hurt your wait time in the queue. The exception would be the Pacific. The U.S. side will only get into battles against Japan with early war weapons, as Japan does not currently have weapons and vehicles from the later stages of the war.


In the new Enlisted, we will make it easier to level up individual soldiers, and the process of ability selection more interesting. We will eliminate one of the steps in soldiers’ progression which is unclear for many players, remove the ability number limit and remove randomness from the mechanism of new abilities selection.

The first change is the shift from the sequence of “Increase the maximum rank of soldiers → use orders to rank up → earn experience to level up” to a simpler scheme, in which Personnel upgrades will immediately unlock the maximum level of the soldier (star), bypassing the unlocking of each soldier’s* maximum rank for bronze orders.

Soldier levels, in turn, instead of opening new slots for abilities, will increase the basic characteristics of the soldier - what the rank used to be responsible for.

And the ranks of soldiers themselves will no longer exist. Neither will the trouble of understanding this system by some commanders.

Ability selection will also undergo positive changes. You will be able to choose as many abilities as your soldier has enough basic characteristics! The limit of 5 abilities will be removed, giving way to more build options: go for a generalist with simple but numerous abilities, or a specialized fighter with some very powerful skills.

We’ll place the abilities in an illustrative tree. You’re already familiar with the leveling: you fight, gain experience, and use it to unlock the necessary abilities. Some of them can even be taken several times, increasing their effect. As long as free soldier characteristics allow, of course.

You can also reset most abilities and repurpose a soldier for a different tactic if you suddenly feel like it. You won’t need to gain experience all over again.


We will further expand Enlisted with new game content and mechanics, as well as introducing new campaigns. However, we will change the format for releasing new campaigns, now there will be no need to start leveling up from scratch, and new campaigns will no longer endlessly divide the playerbase.

New campaigns with new unique locations, squads, weapons and vehicles, as well as new game mechanics will be launched in the format of a global event, in which any commander can participate. During these events, you will get upgraded and well-armed squads under your command, and for completing battle tasks — unique rewards that can be received only during the event.

And after such events, new weapons and vehicles will be added to the progression trees of the corresponding armies, and missions will be included in the common pool of available maps.


We’ve told you about the key changes that await the community of commanders this year. And here are a few more very pleasant news:

  • Enlisted will have a single currency — silver. You will be able to buy everything you bought for silver and bronze orders (and even a bit more). The gold remains in the game.
  • We’ll add the long-awaited reward for joining a random side in battle. This will help matchmaking even more to make balanced and full sessions for players.
  • We’ll introduce tougher measures against deserters. Nobody likes deserters.
  • There will be a mechanic for squad sets. Each set can be filled with squads, weapons and vehicles for fighting at a certain rank and switching between them is easy.
  • We’ll also add an equipment set mechanic, with which a successful weapon setup can be transferred in a couple of clicks to other soldiers, for example, equipping your new squad.

And much, much more.

Here’s the time for your questions about the new meta and the upcoming changes. The next diary will be a large compilation of our answers. So ask us!


Fantastic, this is exactly what whe want know


So will it be possible to transfer premium squad weapons to normal soldiers?
Also the elite level skills for soldiers?


New information is welcome. When is the this quarter update and what is the new class?


So gold order weapons will be sold for this currency too? (i don’t know what gold You ment when mentioning it stays in game, prmeium currency or orders)

Please introduce map veto, with no campaign selection there is bound to be desertion if people wanted to play specific campaign, and the Soft rule doesn’t sound promising yet.

Anyway, thanks for devblog, most are good new, really looking forward to them


If the currency will just be silver, will our existing bronze stash be converted?

Will you still be able to convert surplus weapons to a currency?


how, in what ratio, will our current bronze and silver order be converted?


This is awesome.
However, will the map choice depend on the year of first use or on the BR?
E.g. MP-3008 and VG-2 are “low BR” weapons but only make sense on a late war map (Berlin).

How about an optional tick "I agree to wait for longer but please put me in an immersive WW2 match"?

But what do I do if I actually get Moscow with King Tigers? Only quit.
Also, some players really dislike certain maps (personally I don’t care) and now they will be punished for leaving a map they dislike.

Again, I’d really appreciate “random side but wait for immersive match” – that’s literally the only game mome I will play.


Big update within one month. New class? Learn from the devblog. :slight_smile:


The next months or the end of this one? Be specific please, and whe get the april event?



Is it hidden between lines on next devblog soon?

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What will happen to extra slots people have purchased in specific campaigns? Will there be refunds for those?


though, brings me one question.

what will happens to stalingrad and pacific " upgrades " and bonus.

( XP boosters, Decals, 4 star weapons & soldiers, etc )

will they be removed? or carried over?.
( as far as we know, the levels locked behind the " pass " are gonna be removed. which it’s a good thing. but what about the others bonus? if there will be a compensation, what’s going to be like? )

but the rest,

sounds good, can’t wait to see how it will plays out.


and lastly, just wanted to say, that makes me happy to see that you guys see and select screenshots made by players :smiley:


“This is a soft rule, so it will apply as long as matching such a session doesn’t hurt your wait time in the queue”
Hi i think these are all good changes but you shouldnt make this a soft rule, i think it will help for beginners (who make up the majority of the enlisted community right now) more if they have to wait 2 minutes and hopefully play with other low level players in Moscow than waiting 10 seconds and play against high ranking players in Berlin. :slight_smile:

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It would be nice too that we can upgrade our soldier for example : Assault I > Assault II


The extra slots will be saved. Other slots that have nowhere to go will be refunded.


That’d be godsend being able to carry over your dudes :smiley:

Keo, can you change or refine this motion mechanism: gun lowering ? Sometimes it feels extremely stupid to go up/ down a small obstacle or stairs and get my aim distorted. I think this kinda ruins the fps feeling of the game.