🔴more accuracy and details for soldiers and uniforms

Uniforms are too simple, just like a cartoon, pls add a good sistem for soldiers costumization, one like battlefield 5 but more accurate


they are gonna implement customization.

one day

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I just hope it’s not to extreme
(stares at BFV)

i dont have a problem with over custimozitaion of weapons, i would like an option to make your personal skin that only you can see like wt.

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No. No colored weapons, or other similar completely unrealistic things. All we need in terms of customization is a kinda similar system that is in the game Hell Let loosem but in Enlisted style. Depending on the campaign, we unlock the correct uniforms and other items of equipment for that time, and then, assemble our squad soldiers as we wish, specifically: headgear, uniforms, details of the equipment according to the weapons available, and so on.

The only thing needed, is a correct restoration of the uniform elements themselves. Like many, I think at the current stage of the game, they care least about the uniformization of soldiers. And this is understandable. I will be patient. And I look forward to some real action on this matter. I think it would be naive to think that they (devs) don’t have history experts on their team. In my opinion it is safe to think that what we have in the game so far is just simple placeholders.


i really dont care about the iper realistic autenticity of enlisted, for me its enough that the weapon/tank/equipment existed in the period of the campaign and the skins are not too much over the top.

but in the ned it will be what it will be.

That would be fantastic!!

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