Modern conflict event

Wow. It seems the USSR has taken over the world.
We’ll fix it :slight_smile:


What is the relationship between holding a modern battle event at this time and the release of BF2042? :joy:

There are no new elements other than tank and soldier base uniforms (all modern weapons come from CRSED), which seems to be just a joke rather than a test of something lol

The changing times in FPS will not bring about as much change as when WT became a missile and radar game. After all, the style of shooting an enemy with a gun is the same in all ages.
I think it’s the same whether Stalingrad is added to this game or the Gulf War is added.

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Don’t worry, all tanks are caped around 30mkh or so in Enlisted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously, I like those kinds of events. They’re also exellent to gauge the playerbase on what we like and don’t. It’s a very good idea to do those as funny events before implementing seriously.

I’m personally in favor! :+1:


i tryed and the t80 CAN reach the 60kmh

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No. No-nono-no-no. No!

That’s a coincidence


Barrett goes boom)


Yeah this is exciting to me because It shows they are looking to be around for a while. Now that they are willing and able to expand things past WW2 to more modern conflicts.

Not interested in having a modern campaign ATM … but some day sure …

I know it’s waaay too early to ask but… but…

This looks like a fun campaign to add, any plan on doing a permanent modern campaign in Enlisted?
I fear I’ll have to buy into the closed beta of it as well :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I hope the first post war campaign is Korea

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If only BT7 could reach similar speeds like these new tanks. (BT7 could go up to 50km/h in unpaved roads) But in this game we have 30km/h lol

i want WW2 pacific first


another exciting thing to consider with modern conflicts are modern APC’s … Modern Armies are all mobile …

Cant really do a modern campaign without modern APC’s and if they can do modern APC’s then they can certainly add half-tracks to WW2 campaigns …

Things that make you go Hmmmm

Oh yeah that should come first but I was strictly talking about post war

I like that my comment was deleted without explanation. Freedom of speach and stuff.


Actually this is very interesting to me.
Because, I dont play WT at all. :joy: And I mostly play FPS from WW1 to cold wars.
Modern warfare is such different than WW2’s one. Way too powerful firearms and vehicles.
Though you most likely unable to destroy modern tanks via WW2 explosives.

Also, long time ago, I am convinced this game will one day jump out of WW2, and going to cover much wider history. Because its title “Enlisted”, much different than many other games, give itself a wide range to set. Also, since DF is a rather small team, they certainly will not waste any model they have made.

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Looks like the USSR really took over the world. Damn commies.

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Oh, now @8383908 's post is also gone. (Both posts were rather scepticall.)
So the machine starts rolling yet again.


It seems that we don’t have a choice but to like the event.


Let’s give the Devs their fun c’mon guys, I mean we have a good WWII game right now, so long as by Christmas, tail gunners, FW, Engineer building, moveable Arty, Tiger, Berlin STG, erm all the other stuff we ask for is in too :wink: