Modern Combat Event should stay as a added campaign!

This can add more of a player base fore those who prefer a Modern setting and a change of pace.

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no, this game should stay as a ww2 game for as long as possible with the furthest being i’ll accept being korea war for the future. if you want modern day then go play BF4 or cod




A campaign is asking for too much and will only divert resources away from the WW2 campaigns, which should be the focus. Like I said in other threads, the best thing is preserving the event as is, no changes, as a mode under Custom Matches. No XP, no new squads or additions, no rewards, just the gameplay that you see in the event now as something to have fun with friends, or since it’s in custom game mode, with strangers who might need a break from grinding.


the game is not ready for modern campaign yet. the core aren’t entirely polished and there still tons of issues that need to be fixed, otherwise go play bf4 or call of duty


They need to fix and improve fundamental features before adding “more stuff” of any kind. Quantity does nothing at this stage. I’m sure it still makes them easy money, but that’s just borrowing from their own long term prospects and reputation.

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And I want a turbo tunned 2010 Mitsubishi EVO but same as other timeline conflicts for Enlisted : All in due time.

Korean War SHOULD come to Enlisted. We haven’t had any good games which cover that war.

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shame the game was fun to play and now it’s just boring again