Modding of voice lines

Hello comrades!

As most of you already know, i want to create a big voice line mod, which includes very unique and way more different voice lines (and maybe music as well ) Focused on German and Soviet voice lines.
What do you think about it? Will the devs include it in the new mod function? And i would like to know whats your opinion on modding and what you have planned for the future :slight_smile:


Yes and I will take it when you have done it!
I have planned to do some maps, wider ranged but with a center for infantry combats. I don’t know how the mod will be but I’d like to see some “options” like tanks caping larger zones. Stuff like that. Need to see the mod editor before.

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They’ll probably add that in due time. War Thunder already has voice line changing and texture modeling so it’s only a matter of time IMO.

I’m already thinking of doing an anime voice pack if they add voice pack changing

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I would even join this as a German voice as long as the soldiers stop cheering around how wonderful the battle is (like two seconds after half of their comrades died from an air strike in front of them)-

  • Hans exploding into pieces by an is-1 *



ah yes.

modded voice lines.

can’t wait to see the war thunder live ( which will have a different name name for enlisted i suppose ) be filled with anime voice lines left and right for soldiers :nauseated_face:

regarding that, i’ll sure love the ability to create voice packs based from red orchestra 2, battlefield 1, battlefield v, day of infamy and / or coh2 vcs :slight_smile:

Porting Red Orchestra 2 voices in Enlisted would be a great idea

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