Mission maker for console?

Will console also be getting the mission editor?


Consoles are never meant for mods.
Can you type, point, click easily on consoles? No.

ARMA3 eden editor for example. Can you easily navigate through so many buttons?


Well we could but its hard Work, i play Tropico6 right now.

I just hope everybody can Download the Mods and Maps from a Libary.
If not, ok Tomorrow Release SniperElite5 yay

If Developers would have more Eggs between the Legs they would give ENLiSTED the Possibility to add Mouse and Keyboard but heeeeey Everything is Awesome here.

Maybe it’s because consoles can’t handle it, you know old gen and such

Unfortunately no. mods or workshop doesn’t work well with consoles and the last time someone mentioned editors on console, was in the far cry series back then.

They got decent editor mode

It would be nice if at least console players could have access to the mods. I’m fine with the editor being pc only, but I’d like a chance to see what the community has created, or make something on pc to play on console.


totally agree. atleast give the console players the luxury they could get by playing the community made mods everyones going to make

Considering the editor is coming to console with arma 4 and a mission editor already in arma reforger…

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That’s where ARMA reforger get criticized for. New game master is too simple and lack lots of options. I couldnt even edit soldier’s equipment without manual control. The real time edit looks cool. But actually, not that useful.
Also due to console platform, lots of control has been simplified.

The whole game is unfinished…its a wip

The more common translastion would be “have bigger balls” and “have balls of steel” as superlativ.

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Hell jeah, like i have.