Military Rank System

I see what they did here.

Now if you are a serial quiter, it will show on your tank.
Luckily the reward for rank will be laughable

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There is no competitive spirit here. Unlike the event, you are not competing with anyone. Only with yourself. I don’t even understand what toxicity you’re talking about? Or Stat shaming? No one will see your rank in battle. I haven’t read anything like this anywhere. And contrary to fears, it can’t even adequately represent the skills of the players. So unsuitable for skill-based matchmaking. Which would be needed anyway. This is an attempt to solve a problem. But not from the punishment side. It is very far from competitive. In addition to “you are the cool medal,” the goal is to persuade a player to do it all the way through the battle. Don’t quit just because he didn’t like the first two minutes. Or the type of map. A lot of them write, they won’t be anywhere anymore because they’ll still quit. In the meantime, they’re just playing “for fun.” And where is the fun for others that you quit and the matchmaking replaces you with a bot?


Exacly on point.
Fully agreed

But what if the special reward for grinding whole season (playing allies berlin vs bots)
is actually

Then we can agree it will be worth it

will there be any prestige ? like “Sergeant of the masters sergeants most important person of extreme sergeants to the max”. If so will i lose all of my progress when entering prestige ?


well, it will eventually turn people competitive.

and therefore, just like we experienced on competitive events with mr @114660781 and mr @6235125 shaming or merely be pissed in chat complaining about the others not having desired or meta equipment affecting their beloved win or whatever, creates more toxicity.

now, the two individuals mentioned luckily, are not that toxic ( i hope ). so at the end of the day, even if they told to others not to play until they got that stuff, nobody cares. ends of the discussion.

problem are created when even casual matches will get full of those ( the toxic kind. not dys or dawg) people that do not want to lose their rank and starts insulting or sabotage the game like happened on few occasions.
( tanks running over players, artillery spam on friendly position which thank god now got resolved, flamethrowers on friendlies ) and many, many other nasty stuff where it gets toxic.

i don’t particularly mind it, but i know lots of people that does. hence, they have all rights to complain about.

this is partially true.

currently, not.

but just like @1942786 said in others threads ( which i’ll have to find it. ) said that they are planning to show statistic for the public.

hence, stats shaming will be a thing.
people could start to care less, but not everyone does that :woman_shrugging:
( rip for those people that will want to join a clan and those last will demands for ranks and stuff… lol )

you either don’t read at all,

or i’m just sticking with the more reasonating mind, and you can’t literally read every message in a forum populated by more than 14k members.

otherwise, good for you i suppose.

yeah… i don’t know about that.

this would cause more issues than actual solutions.

first of all, i’m all about matchmaking based on something.

but it’s hard to define that something.

someone that does the equal kills on a bomber, or rifles are not the same. but they might end up being in one. now, this is just speculation. and i hate talking over nothing.

but one day, this will be more clear, and people that plays with friends and other people, how will that system work if matchmakers ( hipotetically ) will be based on this rank?

will majors be able to play with privates?.

and many others questions.

i’d like if you’d define more, or put more words about this sentence.

merely curiosity of course.

i like this view and i honestly didn’t thought about it this way.

but… is it really gonna help?

people that leave, will leave. i don’t think a picture or a score system on their profile will care that much for those said people.

and even there, servers are terrible sometimes. ( oceania inexistent server, or even the chinese players that has to play on russian or EU servers ). they will inevitably get disconnected sometimes. how is this system gonna take in account that?

by no means, i’m here to " shit " on this system. because it would be a bit " dumb " to judge stuff that it’s not even here.

but the point is,
both of you actually have a good point.

which, kinda proves both points

( i think this guy answered for it better :arrow_down_small: )


well i find conquest pointless waste of time and boring mode. it is more running simulator than it is combat. also rewards for conquest are miserable. so why do i need to stay and play this mode? it is not fun for me and if i quit immediately you can still get human player replacement (almost always i see at least 3-4 players quitting on conquest before battle even starts)

also there are battles where you just get so roflstomped cause your bots cant keep defense of zone for long enough time for you to go in the back and build rally point. and then they use default spawn point instead of rally point you just built to get to defense… why even keep playing when you see that your team is almost all bots?

desertion happens cause of numerous reasons and bad MM is actually number one. instead of fixing MM, they are introducing ranks as a “fix” for desertion. there are players like me who dont want to play some modes (aka conquest), there are players who want actual humans in their team and there are players who dont want to play some maps.


If only victory mattered, I believe they would be nervous. But that’s not all that matters. You won’t lose much because you won’t win if you have the hero medal. And if they consider themselves so good, they will have it. And if he sabotages the battle, he just fucks himself better. Even if your rank is public, what will change? On the one hand, there is only chat in the game. You can’t harass random people with this. And if someone on forum starts mocking your rank, who cares? Should you be ashamed of yourself if you are not the best player or what? If someone starts measuring E-penis, there is something wrong with the real thing.

As in any other game. Skill-based matchmaking covers having players of the same ability on both sides. If you bring your two lame buddies then matchmaking will look for one like you and two other lame ones. And if you are 3 super players, you have to put 3 of the same. So yes, major and private can play together.

I don’t know what to explain. The following sentence explains. But in short, you can handle the exit problem the way they do now, or you can handle it the same way in WT. That, lock the squad for X minutes, then do whatever you want.

Yeah that’s the point. Do you want to quit? You can still do it. Only then will you lose your rank. If you don’t care about it anyway, what’s wrong? Nothing changes. If the reward sucks anyway, you did well. If you don’t, that’s how you went. I continue with my thought. It’s not even a problem solution, it’s a reward for those who can lose and can play a battle even if it’s not their favorite map.

this better not be a way to add sbmm to this game

Don’t worry, there is nowhere near enaugh players for 5 campaigns of sbmm.
There are barely 3 dudes playing berlin axis

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And yet you start with “well I think this mode sucks” and that’s why I’m quitting. This is not helped by any MM. At most if you can turn off game modes.

Who wouldn’t want to? The fact that there is another problem does not mean that you do not have to start something with this problem. No one said there would be no MM you wanted. And like I said, nothing else changes. You can still leave the battle after that. If you like it better, this is a feature for the less picky.

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i suppose it’s a matter of opinions.

but shouldn’t you be fighting instead of complaining?.


point is, it’s not just matter of what he, me or anyone else says, but what people do.

anyone can decide to not throw the game … or just do that.

from what i see, people threats this system as the definitive " solution ". but so far, doesn’t looks like it.

i would pretty much agree, but nothing has been made to prevent this further pointless " competition ".

it always ends up there.

i suppose we are right by saying that people shouldn’t care and yada yada yada, but why, someone that works for 8 hours have to deal with this shit that no one asked for?

i’m… serious.

Enlisted is a casual game.

i see 0 points on why this rank should even exist.
( outside the potential " blocking " of those who leaves. which even there, questionable at best ).

perhaps i’m not too conviced about this, and further investigation about the matter needs to be made.

as, once again… perhaps it’s just me of being " pessimistic " but i see alot of exploitable stuff with it.

i see.

well. it’s never too late to make wt one… but i suppose not everyone would be satisfied with it.

i think it’s now more clear they way you put it.

but why introduce this system ff things doesn’t change?

so people do follow trinkets!.

i… don’t know about that.

because, if you lose, you lose.
if you play hard and lose, you still lose.

you only win if the team actually win.

that’s what i potentially see in my eyes.

whether i never leave matches anyway, nor doesn’t care about the outcomes of the battle it does not create me many issues beside those wannabe tryharders in casuals.

welp, we’ll see.

i suppose i can thank you for giving different insights about the matter.

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As long as you’re not punished by stay a private looks nice

Yes, it can certainly affect the increase in idiotic tactics, such as stacks of players spamming grenades in all directions.

That’s what I don’t believe in. Mainly because of the degree of grind. Which I think is just repelling potential casual gamers.

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or maybe that’s the reason in the first place. because of this degree of grind IS the reason why there are many casual gamers :eyes:

( which instead, they could potentially stay and/or get more invested into it and mainly play this game instead of once or twice per week ).

i don’t think i can use my friends as primal example, but many of them only play enlisted occasionally just for the sake of it.

and from what i can see from the discord and sometimes in the forum, there are many people of both " sides ".

so it is arguable.

i think that i can speak for my self and say that i’m a casual gamer up until the point this game will have PVE stuff and co-op. mainly because i don’t play this game like i used to. but that’s another matter.

for the moment, i get to enjoy the maps and be forced to stomp lower level of players once or twice the week.

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and that is what players would want. options to choose pve or pvp, modes and maps. there would be 90% less desertions with just these options. there were even suggestion to implement cross campaign MM if it meant to be playing with only human players

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Great another tool for no-lifes to measure their biggest dick contest, oh boy can’t wait to get shamed by other no-lifes


Major second thoughs about this: good intention, bad execution

Just had a Berlin invasion game (as defending Germans), we lost under 10 minutes.

“Sweaty” or “tryhard” players will never play the “weaker” side anymore even for lols, because they will want to get those vanity points and keep winrates at 100%.


This is a pvp game. Being inside the squad system won’t be pve yet. If you want to play pve head to custom. If can choose a mode or a map, Then they would quit because the team shit. Or because need defend again. It doesn’t change the point, quit and -1 person. And the others will accept that you will have a bot in your place, and the chances of lose will increase. But at least you’re happy because you don’t have to play conquest and you don’t have to play with weaker people.

It doesn’t make sense because progression would be even slower. At most to the one who made it all out. If you want to play with real people, the way to put real people in and keep them in battle. But you can still play with real people right now. Sometimes. It’s just that there’s nothing good about it just because the two teams are so unbalanced. In terms of both game skills and tools. This is only helped by an MM that takes into account the players and their equipment. If you had 20 million players on each server, you could be sure to choose from game modes and maps. But as long as there is a severe shortage of players in some campaigns, the player should somehow be encouraged to play through that damn battle.