Mg34 is not right at all,please change it back

Please return the MG42 to the Germans in Normandy and Berlin, they are still using mg34 gun bunkers against the Allies at the end of the war, mg42 is marked below the bunkers, but it turns out to be MG34, I believe this is an obvious mistake, I hope this mistake will be fixed soon, in the middle of a high firepower campaign, The Germans needed this machine gun shelter against the tide of Allied forces


Yeah honestly I would have put the mg34 only for Moscow and kept the mg42 for the other campaigns (obviously on the lafette mount, not in the old style)


you are right,according to the history is right,I hope Gaigin will change is back

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Yes MG34 for Moscow and possible France 1940 campaign, nothing else

yeah bro,mg42 is much more effective

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