Mega invasion mode

What would be cool is if there was a mega invasion mode for each campaign interconnecting a campaign’s invasion maps together, for example, A Moscow Mega invasion mode would consist of all Moscow invasion maps connected together.


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We’ll be able to create exactly what we want soon. Even such mode that you described.


I guess we overloaded the “Suggestion Box” and it burned to a point where the developers just opened it up and realized that there is 1000+ years of coding/ building maps ahead and just looked at each other and one of them stated…

“You know what? We dont get paid enough to do ALL of this… Lets give the tools for them and see what they can come up themselves?”

Challenge Accepted!

If anyone is really good with that thing, all that he/she (Too much?) is able to create beautiful maps and landscapes based on the previous wishes and there can be 100 new maps pretty soon for different campaigns.

Not knowing all the maps by hard would definitely be exciting and interesting.

I cant wait for the underground Berlin / Stalingrad firefights in the drainage systems, connected cellars and so on.


Yeah i got you, leave the devs to create actual new maps for us to play and the community can repurpose all the unused space in the maps to create endless possibilities of new experiences for us to enjoy


Mega Invasion Campaign here we come :stuck_out_tongue:

So MODDing in on now.
I can finally have a one shot melee dildo version of stalingrad

there also could be maps like in war thunder where you can just chill and roleplay… roleplaying on enlisted sounds fun