Medpacks unusable for troops with grenade-rifles

Given how popular they are at the moment I’m surprised this isn’t popping up more often in reports.
If you have a grenade-rifle you are very often (but I don’t think always) unable to use your medpack.

This is especially annoying when you get hit by a large explosion and you jump from one injured trooper to another, none of them able to do anything.

The ‘use medpack’ message still shows on screen but when you hit the button nothing happens.

This is so old bug never fixed completely (was even worse before) and last time I reported it myself was in November: Unable to use Medkit when downed while loading rifle grenade launcher

It works a bit different than you described, in short you can’t use your medkit when you get hit and downed while loading your next grenade (during animation), at least this is how I see this happen. Also since latest changes to grenade launchers you don’t reload them manually anymore, game does that by itself so whenever you shoot your grenade the animation is working and if you get hit, then you are screwed.

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HAHA when Keofox announced the Grenadelauncher Buffs, i told him that Bug.
He answerd me, he didn’t know anything. Soooo Funny, HEY DUDES COME ON BRING 6th CAMPAIGN


I suppose that my topic was in wrong time frame where DEVs just skip some days of reading bug reports and then just read the newest :wink:

Cough mmmm

Dev started now after stalingrad check
“on some day” of the week bug report, before, bug report, outside in the first day of a new major update are completely ignored

That Reaction from Keofox was really funny.


But if Your Noobtube Guy really on the Ground. Use another Guy from Squad to Revive.
One Point more for the Medic Class i Guess

Tbh sometimes it feels like they don’t look at the bug reports (or generally at forum) at all.
There were many cases when sth was basically spammed. When someone @-ed Keo under the News post he was like “Oh, really? Thanks for letting us know, we will take care…” like if it was sth new.

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comical enough, not all devs around this world plays their own game.

which, technically, they aren’t supposed to.

and keo sure is one if we consider 70% of his statements when bugs are presented to him.
( nothing against the man of course. just to point that out )

speaking for the bug it self, as i made a bug report about this matter a long time ago,


can confirm was, and still is present.