Hey does someone know if they have plans to add medics to other campaigns like Tunesia? Thank for help.

unfortunately not. ( about when )

i mean, it will probably happen, when they will decide to rework campaigns levels ( as some needs ) but i’m not sure that’s gonna happen any time soon.

though, i’d really would love to be able to use medics in other campaigns.

i think medic become AI only in other campagni, ai medic is a better choice for add them withaut rework the grind

for player use instead add them as event sqaud is a better solution

or in form of premium squads… oh no i just gave darkflow a hint :smiley:

Dont worry wen i asked how medic can come old campaigns, an helper confirmed that premium squad are first way to add them

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25 bucks for 7 man medics in moscow ? sounds like most probably thing

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i hope we get them love to play as medic in any game^^