Me if I got one dolar for each "the game will die"

And that’s this month only.


all these money wouldnt be enough to customize all soldiers on lvl 35 of all enlisted campaigns


Maybe I’d at least buy all helmets.

what a bargain … i guess


The avs is now BROKEN and WEAK and both BERLIN and MOSCOW Soviet factions are WORST because of weak avs!

Boost AVS and nerf Kiraly, mkb42h, fg42 and fg42II, Mp43, mg34, or THE GAME WILL DIE!!!

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I don’t know what I can say, because I don’t want to say anything about these two campaigns, because I’m tired of both players yelling at each other

Everyone was talking about who was stronger, the Soviets or the Germans, but no one cared about the really weak factions, the Normandy troops, who could only do anything from their planes, or the Tunisian Italians, who could not fight back until they were at their maximum level

Those factions matters not to proud Soviets mains

All that matters is the fact the AVS can no longer dump entire magazines accurately at long range in automatic mode.

Because of that super specific point, Soviets SUFFER!

So unless AVS is buffed, AND all axis weaponry nerfed,


In terms of both campaigns, it seems to me that the AVS did have a significant decline in Berlin, but no one could stop them in Moscow
As for PPSH, I personally don’t think he’s as good as he’s cracked up to be


Everyone (Soviets mains) knows that ppsh41 is garbage!


Ah I’m tired. Let’s just say mains, of WHATEVER factions, are always biased and asking ridiculous demands. Today it’s stupid Soviet mains crying they cannot stomp as easily as before with their sf rifle in Moscow.

Tomorrow it might be normandy axis, or Tunisia allies, idk.
Mains are often just clowns :clown_face:


After all, there’s always someone jumping up and down about their wheelchair being smashed, right?


Couldn’t say better…

Its the night…

Prepare for the Invasion of an old menace, long forgotten and isolated in an unknown reality…
Michael Jackson Zombie
Prepare for the night of the red thriller!


But after this update their maps do need to be reworked, it’s hard to understand when you walk into a small pit and you have to put your gun away

Most of all, it was the German maines who were whining.
Well, at least on the Russian part. At least the broken FG42 worries everyone more than AVS.

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I don’t know about Russian speaking side.
But don’t worry, Axis mains are hated just as much here in English side.

Mains always complain and are forever biased.

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Naturally, they have one side and they hold on to it with all their might.

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