May Sale

i also want to buy engineer squad in axis moscow, the one with finnish mosins, they were priced around 18 bucks at christmas and not bought it , i hope the price will return again

uff . i ill in the weekend . i wont get more than a year tho.

in the future we dont know how generous they can get, or, how bad the game can be by then.

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i got 120 days left now … after i bought 1 year premium at full price which in two weeks after i purchased it went down by 50% … thats what i call BISNIS :smiley: i wont buy another year , at least im not thinking of it too

Both squads are great, Polish one is nice, bad sights are kinda meh. But SKS has great sights and most of time OKH, fun gun to use.

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oh yeah,

a side note since i own them for months now, they are both good at some extend - overall.
Sks lacks on ammo and longer recoil makes it useless on current game pace.
polish one is a beast tho.
both , to be fair are “worth” , or, for me they were worth alot like 1 year ago.

for people climbing the campaign, get atleast the german one.
once someone reaches FG42-II on germans for example, and can have 6 engineers with them, makes no sence to play with that squads. even with 10 slots, most premiums dont have a place no more on my lineups now a days.

i enjoyed every single second i played with them, they were worth the money a year or so ago. not anymore for me.
untill they give us a way to let us have more soldiers in them like free 2 play squads they arent worth a slot (against assaulter squads alies and or eng+assaulters in berlin axis right now)

@120062891 , its actually your chance to get the german one :stuck_out_tongue: remember when i droped a gun on conquest for you to try? its this one


I welcome any sale. But what happened to the -75% sale that was promised to be fixed? Two of the units that are now on -50% should have been available for -75%… so god knows how many are spending more of their money now on those squads since they never had the chance to get the starter pack nor perhaps ever noticed what they missed out because the option was never shown to them.


Don’t seem to be able to buy the Normandy LMG squad bundle, tried in game forum links, nothing, also cannot see on ps5 anywhere, unless I am blind!

@1942786 @88761617

Is the fix of the 3000 Gold bundle still on the table or not worth to wait for anymore?

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