May Sale

From the 2nd of May at 13:00 GMT until the 10th of May at 13:00 GMT discounts in the game and in the store!


  • 50% off all premium squads in the Battle of Berlin campaign with Gold for PC and console.
  • 30% off the PP Dolganov Squad and the Gerät 03 Squad.

Berlin Engineer squads that were previously sold in the store, are now discounted and available for Gold!

  • 30% off “Battle for Berlin”: SKS-31 Squad.
  • 30% off “Battle for Berlin”: Kbsp wz.38M Squad.

Note! Discounts do not apply to premium squads from the latest update - Panzerjager IV L70 and Yak-9K.


  • 50% off the Premium account 365 days
  • 50% off the Premium account 90 days



Note! This bundle and packs included in it will be removed from the store after the end of the sale.


Nice, I think there’s 2 or 3 I didn’t have yet!

Please consider a rework for existing premium squads. The community as a whole would love versatility in their squads, as example it would be nice to choose specialty classes in the 9 riflemen premium squads JUST LIKE REGULAR FREE SQUADS!

On the other hand, pay to win 5 lmg guys squads are a bit scummy…

Premium squads should reflect regular squads in their composition.


Emm. Not calling it victory day sale this year.

Only (mostly) Berlin’s staff get discount. Not for most of campaigns… A little bit disappointed.
Though finally get sales on Premium account .


The price for a year of premium is an absolute steal right now.

If you’re on the fence about supporting Enlisted, this is about $20 USD and it’s a great way to show support, if you’ve been happy with your experience, of course.


Thank you! Been waiting for something like this for quite a while. Was in-game when I saw the discount pop. Instantly bought.

HIGHLY recommend buying the 1 year premium time pack if you’re starting in the game. It’s the best purchase you can ever make in Enlisted with those discounts, and will give you more benefits than anything. Now is the time!


Nice one. I am definetely save now for the next 2 years with a premium account! Plus, I am going to take some bundles, dont need them, but better spend my bucks on a game I appreciate.
Just one thing: The 50% discount on the bundles are a little rip off as you give 50% discount on the “original” price which is always in sale with 30%. Anyway, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Awesome, when did you show the Counts of Players from Event.
Would be interesting to see how many Places are top 10%

So i only need 8 more then i have them ALL :partying_face:

Nice offer

Any news on the ‘Elite Starter’ coming back soon? And fixed for those that couldn’t buy it

Does anyone remember how much the battle pass costs again? want to make sure I leave enough to get it again next season. Its 900 right?

Are you not bringing back a sale for additional squad slots? i bought one last sale for Allies in Tunisia and wanted to get another for berlin campaign but you havent added it back since to buy :frowning:

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Those will be here on Summer sale imo, as there is no discound on BP content too. This is only Berlin tied sale.

Will only get premium time.

It’s a nice deal right now for an extra year.

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A full year of premium at that price it’s more than fair for the costumer.

(for f2p players wondering, besides xp rates, you also get an extra slot on every campaign to bring 2 vehicles or an extra inf squad)

No event that gives you gold order?

SKS and Wz.28 were supposed to be removed from the store after last sales of engineer premium squads , how is it possible they returned ? if that is the case id like to buy M2 Hyde Normandy CBT premium squad :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am safe for the next 554 days. Yeaja!

I am really desperate to buy this bundle. I missed them just for one day and they were gone. I was disappointed. I play since the alpha.

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ive heard criticisim around here that SKS is bullshit, i dont think so imo it is very interesting rifle that will stay in berlin for next 40 years after ww2, and that polish semi auto is so great with its sights… it is good bundle, if all premiums were like that… there are other premiums in game currently that are worth something, but maan more discounts, majority of them are incredibly overpriced and not worth it at all

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The engineer bundle in berlin is quite good. I admit, the SKS is kind of lame to use as you need to reload really fast. But I dont care, I build rally points, ammo crate and a decent MG nest with it and I am good.