Matchmaking broken atm?

is the matchmaking broken atm? had the fourth bot match now. from 10am to 2pm GMT. I played stalingrad russians. We won each game in under 10 minutes.

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Aint broken. Or at least, lets say: Not “more” broken then it already is.
You can get 5 bot matches in a row, whereas someone else who clicks the same button as you a second later gets a full player match.

It’s not broken, also was expected. All axis mains having already maxed out Stalingrad, they either went elsewhere or simply lvl up Soviets as well.

I called it, when Soviets mains were whining it was because of the mkb. It never was, mkb is fine. It’s the players, always are.


Remember - ‘‘We have enough players for each campaign.’’


Matchmaking isn’t broken because it never existed. All the game ever did was get 10 random accounts and slapped them all together in a game regardless of level.

Hi, MM depends on available people in each campaign. Less players means of course more bots.

Closed as no bug