Massive improvements in the progression system

While we are preparing new content and features for the major update, we’re also working hard to improve existing mechanics. One of the main areas we’ve been working on is the progression system for soldiers and weapons.

After carefully studying your game experience in Enlisted, we want to ease the management of these two very important aspects of the strength of your army. We’ve aimed to streamline the experience and remove some unnecessary actions. Now, you will simply use bronze orders for most of these tasks.


The Academy will be removed from the game. Increasing the rank of a soldier will be done simply by spending bronze orders. You will not need to remove useful soldiers from your squads and sacrifice them to get a new one of higher level anymore.

Rank progression will be gradual: each progression will increase skill points, and at a certain amount of such educations (depending on the rank) - the rank itself will increase.

One additional advantage here: skill points will carry more bonuses in battle. Like more stamina will actually mean more stamina in the battle. The more the skill is developed - the more bonuses it will give your soldier.

Also, we will change the way you switch perks. You will be able to swap them at any time at the cost of dropping 1 rank level. So, no more retraining points are needed. A lost rank level can be regained easily in battles - and new perk learned.

By introducing all of these changes we will remove the necessity to maintain a large soldier reserve, so there will be neither the need nor option to recruit more soldiers for bronze orders.


We will use the same approach for weapons here as well. Spare parts will be removed from Enlisted. Upgrades will be carried out using bronze weapon orders. We will also remove the squad upgrade that gave more parts for disassembly, this upgrade will now lower the amount of bronze orders needed instead.

As with soldiers, you will now have no need to stockpile dozens of examples of the same weapon to disassemble it for parts. So, we will remove weapon delivery for bronze orders, leaving it only for silver and gold.

As before, you will earn bronze orders for every 3000 points accumulated in battle. You will also gain the ability to sell unneeded weapons and dismiss soldiers to get even more bronze orders.


All the above mentioned changes will be introduced step by step within the next few updates of the game. So, you can spend existing training orders in the meantime or just wait for the mechanics to change. Unspent orders and weapon parts will be compensated - by additional bronze weapon and soldier orders credited to your account.

Also, we will fully reimburse gold and squad points spent for any improvements removed from the game.

Stay tuned and have fun!


Great progress, it really feels like you are listening to the community!

What about random soldiers and weapons, will we be able to still get them through bronze orders? For me at least, that was the best and fastest way, because I barely got any silver orders

Please dont


OMG, this is amazing!!! Simply make everybody happy. Especially considering there would be 4 star weapons like STG44 or drum Thompson in the levl 30+

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Double the amount of silvers given by BP :pray:

And I’m not entirely if I like random weapon delivery for bronzes removed

Unless there’s something I’m missing, it’ll really screw over kids who don’t have the money for the BP which could lead to not wanting to play the game and spreading around negative advertisement about it.


I hope they leave the random delivery, earning silver orders is done only through battle pass and that is very, very slow


And with this new system, how will we be able to buy pistols and knives? Will they also be available for silver medals? If yes, BP should give more silver things becouse now it is too slow for this new system. Or there should be another way to earn silver medals


If they do this i hope they will make it easier to obtain silver orders atleast


If amount of silver orders remains the same, it will be awful update. It basically means almost no new weapons for players that play only from time to time without premium battle pass.

At least let us buy silver for bronze as it was suggested many times already.


We are still balancing the number of silver bids. We will not leave you without weapons and soldiers.


Love the concept, but as people have already raised.
How will we obtain new weapons? Do we still get randomised weapons from matches, or will we have to request via silver for everything going forward?

Never mind, beat me too it


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it sure sounds like hella lot of pain

I am talking only about gun orders in this post.

This change is really really really bad, it limits the amount of guns you can earn per day to 4 or 2 low tier guns (depends on where you are in the battle pass) If you have premium battle pass.
If you don’t have premium battle pass you will get 4 or 2 orders per 3-4 days so 4 or 2 low tier guns per half a week.

This is just hurting the progression unless you change the battle pass and make it more “supportive” of this system.


Awesome! Looks a really good update!

This sounds more like a complete overhaul of the weapon system, soldier system and order system, rather than improvements on the already existing system

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I have 1000+ bronze orders for playing 2 months they are gonna remove them all :sob:

wow wow WOW this is just awesome! Totally going to shift the way this game is played.

No more Academy blood ritual!

Massive improvements is correct !! So looking forward to a more simplified soldier and weapon progression … You guys rock!!

They’re not removing the weapon bronze orders, just the feature that allows you to get a random weapon delivery using bronze orders.

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That’s my primary concern, I’m one of those non-premium players and as you said, I get about 4 silver per ~half a week, which in the new system would force me to play just to be able to get the silvers. They need to increase the number of silver orders from BP or give us more ways to get them (silvers) in order for the system to work