Mark bad mobile spawn points

Then and now mobile spwan points are horribly placed, so that the AI get stuck and basicly the whole teams-ai is stuck there. For example this happens often when players place the points at roffs or in corners and place sand bags in front of them.

So would be nice to be able to warn team-mates that a spwan point is bad.
Maybe by making it colored diffrently on the spawn map.
Maybe it could even be destroyed by voting.


If the ai get stuck. The best you can possible do, its to report said place on the foruns so they can fix said spot.

Provide pics of said place and proceed with a bug report.
That way we might get rid of said places as the game progresses.
Having a around patch solution to a fixable problem right away isn’t the way.

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IDK manor attic has been reported since the dawn of time and still hasn’t been fixed

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didnt they fix it ? By fking up ladders so its rather hard to get to attic at all ?

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No some time ladder work and some retarded put ammobox and rallypoint for snipe and you know the rest…

they should just make you able to destroy friendly rallies again

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Even easier: help your team out, smash friendly rp wich are stupidly placed. You can do so with a melee hit.

You can’t smash em anymore??? Since when?

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i am pretty sure they did it a while ago.

FUCK, now i am second guessing myself. let my find it

I’m not sure because it’s been a while since I’ve seen a rp wich caused bots being stuck or a dumb dumb building one in atics. I don’t destroy them if they work well for the team… :thinking:

i have been searching for a solid 5 minutes and have now given up. but i am still like 80% sure that this is the case. i can try it in a match (if anyone builds one :disappointed_relieved:, might take a few hours)

I think it’s proof the AI really DID get better. Before simply surrounding rp with sandbags herded bots like cattle, now they vault easily. Haven’t found the need to break rp in a very long while :thinking:

You can’t destroy ally rally.
Joe Biden ban it how and cookies.

Nope,after few last updates you can’t destroy rally.
And this are good,I hate stupid teammates who destroy my rally but not build new…
Or build on my rally new…

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i was to lazy to actually play the game so i just asked quadro and he agrees. and as we all know, content creators cant be wrong

Lmao,just read last updates.

i am lazy

It more fast than find rally in random game

i didnt even go into a random game lol, i just went on quadros stream and asked him

Very good when streamers have low views,if he have big views,then you never got answer.(No any offends quadro)
But you can ask any on this forum.