[Map Editor] [SpawnScoreCosts] How To Understand `team_squadSpawnCosts`?

The default value of the defender’s respawn score cost is 0. When I adjust this value to be greater than 0, I believe that the defender also has a respawn score limit in this case.

What I am curious about is that the default value of the attacker in the settings is 250, and the total score is 1000. Does this mean that the attacker can only respawn 4 times, which does not seem to match the game.

When I change this cost value to 10 does it mean that each team can respawn 100 times, is this number of respawns for a single player or a team?

How to understand this option team_squadSpawnCosts?

Further possibilities are envisaged. Is it possible to add an obj-type table configuration in the future, allowing map editor users to set different respawn score costs for different types of vehicles or squad weapons? or even different value by conditions such as Suicide planes? (I m going to punish this unhistorical behavior in my made mission)

I’ve posted and seen a lot of suggestions for spawn points in the forums, and when I saw this option I thought it was all possible in the near future. such as


Let’s imagine deathPenaltyByWeapons ; deathPenaltyByArmoredVehicle ; deathPenaltyByAircrafts , which may configured by obj table format

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According to my experimental observations, the value displayed in the game is 1000 anyway, but the actual deducted points will be calculated according to the ratio in the above settings

10(configured respawn costs)/3000(configured total) * 1000(display)

The final result is approximately rounded

Suggest numerical rules that allow the real configuration to be displayed in the game to make everything more intuitive

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