Map editer enhancements? / new game play feature

can we get a Halftrack spawn point? so instead of just adding halftracks to the bad designed “progression” line (not a tree) we could instead get a spawn point that infantry squads can spawn on
my idea for this would be

  • jeep spawns for squads that have 4 or less members
  • truck spawns
  • halftrack spawns
    these would be separate from tank spawns and would be available to every one at any rank

this way people could make battle over a larger area in the editor

but a small change to jeeps and trucks would be needed as jeeps and trucks are appallingly slow and both need a damage model rework


From what I’ve seen so far, they haven’t finished developing the truck and half track, I think it’s mostly the camera issue.

If they could allow 3rd person view in custom mode, the camera would be simple, just use the form in CRSED

At the same time, I think the motorcycle respawn point can be used as the respawn point for the half track, no need to add a new type

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but then how would it work? with out adding a halftrack to the “progression line” how would it know to spawn you in a halftrack, truck or jeep

I think I misunderstood what you mean at first. What you describe should be the respawn point that is bound to the movable unit. Yup, The current editor does not have configurition this function.

But I think it can be implementable by the lower code behind the editor.

In the debugging of the lonefighter mode, I saw the respawn point following the movement of the soldier.

i mean a completely different spawn, like one with a halftrack/truck/jeep icon that when you spawn on it you spawn in the relative vehicle


what tommy tried to say you, currently it cannot be done.

doesn’t quite work like that.

if it could be done then it would be done but since it cant be done it is not done or maybe just an over sight of ideas, hence why the feed back page is here

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ahhh i see.

i missreaded.

well, i agree then.

we do need the ability to create, or have spawnpoints that comes with trucks or halftracks.

it could just work the ability to attach stuff to other stuff.

that way we could create weaponized opel blitzes, put more cover, or make estetic vehicles and such. or even create new type of train modes and transform it into a convoy.


share! Exciting experimental results

and the minmap position does not updated




Further experimentation, if i swap the order of the vehicle and the spawn point , the spawn point icon seems to be updated, but the spawn point cannot spawn soldiers anymore.

I think it all has to do with the active and team fields, I can’t lock them on the vehicle, when I get off the car active will become false and team will become -1.

The issue with the map picker location not refreshing seems to still exist